Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Zoro really does care a lot about his swords. He willingly jumped to take free hits from King just to grab Sandai and Wado.

Full summary makes it clear that Zoro constantly had to manage his haki to prevent Enma from pulling.

This chapter is where Zoro uses the opposite technique by overloading Enma and passing the test. Since it was the fear of having his haki completely drained which was holding Zoro back.

Absolutely perfect chapter:endthis:
Facts. Couldn’t have explained it any better
So Kaido wasnt sensing Oden in Enma but was sensing Enma's presence and referred to it as Oden's hmmm, looks like Enma's will was so strong that it could even overpower Oden's own aura and present it as its own.

So Enma wasn't giving Zoro haki from Oden, nor was Oden's spirit leaving inside the sword, nor was it reacting to its master Hiyori :sanmoji:, funny how I don't see my bros who were saying this stuff even 15mins
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