Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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What happened. I thought King was low diffing Zoro:ihaha:

Anyway Queen calling King a monster makes it even worse for the downplayers

Woro stopped holding himself back...now unleashing his haki:steef::steef:
they clown, people jump to conclusion after few panel of fighting without knowing exactly what happening.
Enma was fighting against Zoro all this time, so clearly a neft against Kaido and also against King.
Zoro will become the monstrous samurai that Kaido was talking with the 9 scabban the moment he will use CoC at will with Enma and the other blades.


Poison Hashira
Thats how strong funky Queen is :goyea: Kaido has the strongest YC1/YC2 MAYBE Ben and Roo are on par with them
I still believe Ben and Roux are stronger, there is a reason why the Red Hair Pirates commanders were the only ones hyped up during the Yonko bounties reveal and not others like the All Stars and Sweet Generals.

I get the for hype King and Queen, but I have a feeling that once we focus on the Red Hair Pirates. Oda will find a way to hype up Ben, Roux, and Yasopp even more than the other commanders.
Base CoC doesn't even have anything to do with power lmao.

King has far better feat than Kat in every regards other than CoO, and that's all he needs to outclass him. Your logic is about as retarded as trying to say Doffy > Marco because Marco hasn't shown awakening.

Btw, King is yet to even go Hybrid and he's outclassing KK best feats.

Also, ofc, King blocks with his wings. Those are the durable part of his body. Kaido can only block with his scales which are already cleaved by an attack far weaker than SSSS... what do you expect him to do other than that?

I'm not pretending he's close to Kaido. Overall, Kaido is tier apart, but you're being about as daft and agenda driven as people who say King > Kaido when you're pretending King doesn't stand significantly above Katakuri at this point.
Sure it does, it breaches your opponent's will power to maintain their clash. Unless you think Doffy/Chinjao and Kat just used it for show in their clashes that were explicitly HYPED for containing base CoC.

No King doesn't, you are using circular reasoning because you think Zoro is stronger than he is, he's a veteran with big holes in his fight game working on becoming commander level this arc.
What’s the point of Sanji’s exo upgrade if the tides of the fight have barely changed :lusalty:

He could’ve saved the exoskeleton reveal for when the fight was actually close to ending but nah we’re back to square one. Wtf Oda you didn’t have to do that :lawsigh:
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