Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Bruh I'm just fighting fire with fire. I don't really think that lol.

I replied to him in that manner since his post was framed that way. I was joking lol relax xD.
Nah don't back down man, you're right. Katakuri would get his candy ass shredded. Imagine trying to clash Haki Trick Sword vs Mogura that can't land without his little sister, or flicking jellybeans at a pteranodon when you can't even tag regular Sanji.

That tornado was strong enough to slice steel. Do you know what that means? That shit King waved off was strong enough to impress Mama.

Advises Kaido not to take the shit King withstands so what the hell is Katakuri gonna do

Zoro unleashing his CoC and taking full control of Enma at the same time..
I hope by the end of Zoro vs King there will be a hint on Wado Ichimonji's abilities..
Very interesting how cursed swords are not actually cursed but similar to famed blades, its just that they all are deadly to regular people thus inheriting the misfortune from wielders to another and so on..

To think that Hell Memories Exoskeleton didn't do much on Queen as he's still laughing, that's a bit of a shock..
This most likely mean, Sanji's flames level up is going to be insane!..
Queen is like Sanji back when the G5 asked him about Zoro.
The what is powerup arguments are 99% made up of
character I don't like = powerup
character i like = not powerup

There's absolutely no point in rehashing or trying to convince others since it's an unmovable stance, it's like trying to convince them to switch fandoms.

Elder Lee Hung

Conqueror of the Stars
How can we forget this equals combined damage that Garp and Logia Trio did to Marco

A Nameless Casual Base Sword attack cuts Marco's Logia body in half = More damage than Kizaru's Yasakani No Magatam
Same nameless casual Base Sword Swing gives Marco a bigger lasting bruise than Garp did = More damage Fist of Love

Basically King's casual attack > Kizaru and Garp's signature attacks combined
@Sentinel @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @MarineHQ62
I can’t lie, King is awesome lol. He’s not stronger than Kuri but he’s the coolest thing Oda has shat out in Wano. Probably the only good and interesting character Oda has written in 3 years lol. @TheAncientCenturion
For all of those confused about black lightning/lighting; apparently redon’s Spanish summary mentions black lightning. It’s likely just a typo in the English version. For such an eloquently written summary, black lighting would be an odd description; if it said “irradiating darkness”, that would make more sense.
did you just copypaste this from a redditor ?:shocking:
Now we know the reason Kaido took King and only him, to Marineford. Kaido knows he is the perfect counter for the Admirals and he will 3 vs 1 them like Luffy did in Marineford:

Except unlike Luffy, King would kick the trio's asses for real.
:whitepress:Can’t believe you brought King can take 3 admirals nonsense.
King is not perfect counter for admiral devil fruit. You forget admirals physical strength.

Were believing that Marco fought both king and queen and chocked both of them at manga panel.
Akainu can low diff or mid diff king.
You will forget king hype after shryui or doc q fight zoro.

Sigh guess I am only admiral wanker loyal does not flip flop.
I can’t lie, King is awesome lol. He’s not stronger than Kuri but he’s the coolest thing Oda has shat out in Wano. Probably the only good and interesting character Oda has written in 3 years lol. @TheAncientCenturion
Just admit it he's stronger than Kuri. It doesn't make him any more of a virgin than he actually is. He still pretty strong, right about where chapter 1000 Luffy was or tad below but definitely above Luffy that got neg diffed by Kaido
Admiral level is a bit of a stretch but it seems more likely at this point that he's close to the top-tiers than his fellow commanders.
It to bad we never seen the admirals go all out .
Like even the WB VS red dog was just few short panels.
It hard tell how crazy they can be when they still so under wrap in certain ways .
@AkainuTheGrimReaper actually 1 difference between King and Fujitora is

Fujitora is being compared to God.

"Could it be the Gods??"
As if Fujitora is Godlike yet the person saying it wasn't sure himself.

While King is being called straight as "God", no question mark.
Don’t make me to remind Kratos Gods wank. Goku low dif kraots Greek gods.
Don’t ever make me to remind dumb kratos god wank.

Seriously King is not all powerful, all knowing God otherwise he would not be hiding his mask like coward.
Enel is called God but luffy beat him.

God is just title in one piece even ex god guy from skypedia island.
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