Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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So you claiming zoro and luffy will not fight admirals even both are almost killed by same admirals.
By your logic, Sabo beat Blackbeard first, he beat up jesus burgress first.
Fujitiora and gree bull best Sabo and his buddies and everyone is crying about sabo.

IM is coward is hiding in shadow. Ever ever heard of bowser, ganondorf or freiza who rule the world to universe openl, not shado.
Greenbull is a good guy you can tell he has some relationship with zoro (GREEN BULL zoro green motiff and bull attack) maybe older bro, from Wano like Fujitora who seems from wano as well, drafted at the same time suspicius, he likes Fuji and likes ladies. Fujitora we dont even need to debate he almost cried at the end of dressrosa wanting to see luffys face and regreting for scaring his eyes, he even said how luffy has warm aura. Fuji 1000% an honorary strawhat like LAW Smoker. Luffy fighting only 1 admiral and thats EOS Pink fist Coby.
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