Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Mate, he had CoC, Awakening, a DF Oda called "Logia" twice, Future Sight, Top Tier Armament Hardening.

You're downplaying his "undefeated" streak just like people downplay Mihawk's title by saying "who did he fight? fodder!"
Who has defeated King? He also has been said to be invincible.

Katakuri is undefeated but the reality is that high tiers and top tiers usually dont fight with each other. Akainu and Aokiji is the only fight which we know has been concluded. Non other top tier or high tier fight has a real winner on a 1 vs 1.


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How high do you currently rank King? Peak High Tier? Inbetweener? Low-top tier?
I don't place have a firm placement for King on a tier list, but I currently have him at least one class above Marco and Katakuri.

I think he can beat either of them with some level of medium difficulty (in the sense that he would have negligible HP damage and minimal stamina lost when he wins the fight).

If you say Marco and Katakuri are both High High Tier, then I would say King is a Peak High Tier or "In Between"/"Bottom Top Tier".

I would probably elevate King to Low Top Tier if he shows Awakening or Haoshoku Coating.

Alternatively, if he can contend head on against Zoro's own Haoshoku coating.
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There is no curveball. King is the only survivor of the Lunarian massacre and he has an ancient zoan devil fruit. Therefore King is superior to the rest of his race.

There isn't a single good reason to think other Lunarian's are comparable to him.
But his dura is mainly because of his lunarian genes so yes
His durability is something every lunarian has
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