Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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i wouldn't suprised if sanji has lunarian genes after this chapter, but how about Lunarian itself is germa ancestor, and king has swirly eyebrow too

Judge always talked about trying to bring back the "glory from the past" for Germa and the Vinsmokes

The first Vinsmokes could have some tie with the Lunarian race for sure, and Sanji is like what a Vinsmoke should be, so he isn't a failure at all.

That or only Sora is left to explain this

Sora being somehow Lunarian could explain why Judge married her, to take advantage of her special capabilities as a Lunarian to make his experiments
It just me oh that looks like Ameno habakiri Kozaburo is holding? How did Oden got it?? That will Unlock the mistery as to what really happened to Kuina,if Oden by any chance visited Shimotsuki village!
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