Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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:whitepress:Too bad, I will always be a zoro fan and not a sword swallower, that's the difference.

Speaking of insecurities, you have your silly temper tantrum amuck because some people don't share the same opinion as you. So yeah, I rather not be a bandwagoner and stay consistent.
But what is sword swallowing about actually assuming a positive outcome.

If you are a Zoro fan then why is your only input on this thread downplaying Zoros opponent? Are you just a negative person, are you insecure or do you have a vendetta against Zoro fans?

I have not once seen you say anything positive about Zoro? Is that how you treat every character you are a fan of?

Why do you people have to lie about being Zoro fans I don't understand? Is it so hard to admit you hate Zoro?
Kind of surprised King hasn't used his hybrid form more tbh, but I don't really mind because I like his zoan and base forms designs much more.

Queen did switch from Hybrid to zoan once iirc, but yeah, King switches forms every chapter lol.

King does seem to be a really balanced fighter in general. Skilled with the sword, monstrous physical strength, capable of using ranged attacks with fire, his beak is dangerous too.
Balanced among Kaido's crew after kaido.
Among YCs?
Katakuri >~ King > Queen ? Cracker > rest
When it comes to being complete/all around fighter
The only thing King lacks is Flight to be super complete fighter, while King so far lacks AoE and 1 more but he's surely top 2 most complete YC


The Rogue Prince
That King might be stronger than Oden.
Brehhhh too soon for that. I like a lot of posts, doesn't mean I agree with every opinion lol.

I still think King is a cut above Marco and Katakuri though, if someone like Zoro (who already has a very remarkable offense compared to high tiers) needs ACOC to do meaningful damage against King.
There's no light.

I like his attack...finish
Still slow to tag anyone with great CoO, freaking zoro keeps dodging it or reacting to his hits

Nevertheless that attack >= G3 I guess
Bruh, there is Cinera and then there is you…

There is this thing called a middle ground fam.

That attack is Yc1 lvl and both King and Zoro are Yc1 with Zoro leaving the fight stronger.
Judge always talked about trying to bring back the "glory from the past" for Germa and the Vinsmokes

The first Vinsmokes could have some tie with the Lunarian race for sure, and Sanji is like what a Vinsmoke should be, so he isn't a failure at all.

That or only Sora is left to explain that.

Sora being somehow Lunarian could explain why Judge married her, to take advantage of her special body capabilities as a Lunarian to make his experiments
as king it self, how he still alive if the race is extinct hundreds years ago (i think he is around 40), this could be ties back to how kaido meet king and queen, also queen ties to vegapunk and judge as kaido has become vegapunk experiment once
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