Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Brehhhh too soon for that. I like a lot of posts, doesn't mean I agree with every opinion lol.

I still think King is a cut above Marco and Katakuri though, if someone like Zoro (who already has a very remarkable offense compared to high tiers) needs ACOC to do meaningful damage against King.
Thing is Both can just fight him till they outlast him or in the case of Kat, learn AvCoC in the middle of the fight. Haki blooms in the heat of battle after all.
I love zoro face here
Love seeing his face express more and more emotion this arc in general. From him being the maddest weve ever seen him ever at the start of wano about orochi to seeing him start really smiling again recently because of ebisu and yasui

Its just nice seeing him express himself so much
Its dressrosa's fault tbh giving the illusion of a stoic 1 dimension badass.

Zoro is always subtle, even in act 1 and 2
So by the end of the chapter all 3 of his sword draining him of haki but he going ACoC which is cool
But i reallly hope Zoro don't end up with haki nerf like luffy after this fight one charcater is enough of that .

G3 is so overrated. It couldn't even beat Cracker biscuit shields.
None of luffy attacks should be judge like that any more since it gear 3 now is with ACoA or maybe even ACoC .
Like what happen with his fight with cracker don't mean shit any more .
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