Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Bruh, there is Cinera and then there is you…

There is this thing called a middle ground fam.

That attack is Yc1 lvl and both King and Zoro are Yc1 with Zoro leaving the fight stronger.
What the hell?
It doesn't change the fact King's attacks aren't fast to tag Sanji/Cracker /jinbei easily when zoro with average COO and reaction can react and dodge/over

Saying his AP>= G3 is actually huge praise since Marco barely had G3 tier AP

Also YC1 level doesn't exist


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Thing is Both can just fight him till they outlast him or in the case of Kat, learn AvCoC in the middle of the fight. Haki blooms in the heat of battle after all.
What? That's too much room for debate lol. I would argue that King would pick up on FS and Internal destruction haki then because haki bloom works both ways as well.

That isn't the way to scale in vs battles imo. And King is definitely outlasting Katakuri - the dude's an Ancient Zoan. Jack could fight near equals for 5 days straight.
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