Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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How's everyone enjoying the chapter?
Pretty hype, huh?

Know what's cool?
That we are gonna waste a bunch of weeks going back to filler stuff from around onigashima before we get back to the climax of the main fights.

More Raizo vs Fuku, Tama, Yamato running around doing nothing, etc

The only thing that excites me outside of the main fights (Law, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji) is Hiyori and CP0 a lil bit

Its dressrosa's fault tbh giving the illusion of a stoic 1 dimension badass.

Zoro is always subtle, even in act 1 and 2
Dressrosa didnt help but just in general since the timeskip to arguably the start of wano mans been more stoic than ever
Even in fmi he couldn't smile without trying to look like a badass lol

Character wise wano zoro has been the best hes been in a long ass time imo
Luffy attained enough to beat Katakuri though. He also unlocked adv CoA accidentally under stress btw, not as a result of training.

If the argument for mochi supremacy is down to haki blooms, then it's time to give ma boi Kingu his win lol.
He didnt attain enough, he attained enough to beat a stamina drained/ hole in the chest Katakuri who lost the will to fight and stopped using many of his abilities mid way through the fight.

Honestly it was more so talking about the possibility of Kata gaining it but even without, its been shown that King can be damaged like with Zoro’s onigiri and Marcos attack. So if he can be damaged when his guard isnt up then whats stopping Kata from doing the same really?
He should be able to outmaneuver King with his FS and strike him down when his guard isnt up.
Each of the m3 is definitely getting a mini flashback during their fights
Zoro now about shimotsuki and swords
Sanji probably pretty soon about his diable jambe and probably sora or judge
Luffy about his real dream how how hes a conqueror above all
The One piece official YouTube page will release video about how Sanji can generate fire soon . Unfortunately we need japanese speaker to translate and tell us the info here in WG FORUM
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