Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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The Rogue Prince
Honestly it was more so talking about the possibility of Kata gaining it but even without, its been shown that King can be damaged like with Zoro’s onigiri and Marcos attack. So if he can be damaged when his guard isnt up then whats stopping Kata from doing the same really?
He should be able to outmaneuver King with his FS and strike him down when his guard isnt up.
It clearly won't do much.

Firstly Zoro's attacks are stronger than Katakuri's, King just straight up eats those.
Secondly, even Zoro needs an extra AP buff with ACOC (only the strongest of the world have it) to even fight King on an equal pedestal.
Thirdly, King hasn't even gone all out yet. Just wait till he goes berserk once his mask breaks lol.
Having the best weapon does not you are stronger than other. Anout the cursed weapon thing is that preskip Zoro carry so called cursed sword when he is weaker than any vice admiral .

you claim gorsei is from void century which it is your fanfiction nonsense.

I look it up

It don’t even mention bald gorsei have this sword.

Have cursed weapon does not mean you are stronger than everyone. Can bald goseri kill superman or Goku even he has cursed weapon ? It can be hold by weaking because the sword are very sharp and are meant for killing like crazy. It is why they are cursed swords because these swords want to kill. It work when you know the triso sadck of control the weapon and taming. Luffy is stronger than or equal to zoro but he can’t tame any cursed weapon.
Deluded so sad. same hilt like nidai and sandai, its the biggest open secret that shodai is in gorosei posesion, everybody knows it. he is above the admirals IM SORRY admiral fanboy. Time will prove me right.
How is Zoro's opponents connected to Zoro himself?
Because I don't see anything special about King means I degrade Zoro? What kind of stupid reasoning is that?
Zoro has many other things going for him beside his strenght, sorry if you don't bother to care about that aspect.

You clearly don't pay much attention to my posts because there nothing negative with what I say and don't visit the fanclubs.
You don't see anything special about King?
How about the fact that he created Mountain Sized Explosion just while trolling?
How about the fact that his durability is greater than Kaido's own durability?
How about the fact that he is called God by Whitebeard?
How about the fact that he was called undefeatable monster by Queen?
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