Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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no, i was amazed by Zoro flashback.
until i saw Zoro able to coat his blade with CoC outta nowhere when he doesnt know he had CoC.

even though Sanji doesnt have CoC yet, i glad he might be the only one who doesnt get asspull PU (if Diable Jambe PU got explained by Oda later on).
To be fair, since Zoro's theme is all about becoming strong, basic CoC simply doesn't pay off.
The moment "weaponized CoC" was a thing, it was quite clear that, if Zoro had CoC as well, he would basically skip to the "power version" of it.
There are a lot of things that I feel are being rushed, due to Oda wasting panels with useless stuff. But I wouldn't consider the adv CoC part as "asspull". The only part I still feel was stupid was the "i didn't even know when I was using CoC".
Zoro used Adv. CoC during Ashura, which is the precise reason Kaido was surprised that Zoro could use it.
That I think was bad constructed.
But at least now, things are "back in track", IMO.


The Rogue Prince
Again, headcanon here. If you are using Kaido as a metric then youre wrong because Kata didnt fight any top tier to compare.

You are not disproving anything I said honestly, what does having more AP change? I think Kat with Mogura is plenty lethal enough to damage King when his guard is town If Marco could do it.

Kata's best attacks are - Power Mochi (>= an Elephant Gun) and Zangiri Mochi (exact portayal as a Snakeman King Cobra).
Zoro hits much harder than that, heck I'd say even pre Enma Zoro hits much harder than that.
Mogura couldn't even tag Base Luffy without FS and we all saw how King is seemingly immune to stab injuries this chapter.

Those attacks aren't doing anything to King. Marco drawing a couple of drops of blood from King doesn't mean Kata can. And if even Marco, a mythical Zoan known for physical strength and speed, can only get few drops at best.

King is genuinely made out of a different material. And the best part is he is yet to go all out.
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