Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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He didnt attain enough, he attained enough to beat a stamina drained/ hole in the chest Katakuri who lost the will to fight and stopped using many of his abilities mid way through the fight.

Honestly it was more so talking about the possibility of Kata gaining it but even without, its been shown that King can be damaged like with Zoro’s onigiri and Marcos attack. So if he can be damaged when his guard isnt up then whats stopping Kata from doing the same really?
He should be able to outmaneuver King with his FS and strike him down when his guard isnt up.
Out maneuver King.

Even if King can be hurt with surprise attacks he is still very durable and tough. Marco 2 attacks only caused King to bleed a little. Zoro's attack, which can cut through Kaido's scales, made him bleed more but didn't cause any significant damage.

Katakuri who has less attack power would have a harder time damaging King. Katakuri is losing this battle.
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