Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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You don't see anything special about King?
How about the fact that he created Mountain Sized Explosion just while trolling?
How about the fact that his durability is greater than Kaido's own durability?
How about the fact that he is called God by Whitebeard?
How about the fact that he was called undefeatable monster by Queen?
King legit believes that how his bird Df hunts.. It not a troll but a gag on Oda bad sense of humor.
"So called" Gods that got exterminated
Doesn't mean much when we know the S.Hs will win in the end.
They are a yonko crew, what do you expect Queen to say?
Out maneuver King.

Even if King can but hurt with surprise attacks he is still very durable and tough. Marco 2 attacks only caused King to bleed a little. Zoro's attack, which can cut through Kaido's scales didn't cause any significant damage.

Katakuri who as less attack power would have a harder time damaging King. Katakuri is losing this battle.
He might lose but its not gonna be anything less than a high diff fight imo. I think higher.

Because these last chapters have been huge hype for Katakuri, Law and Kidd themselves said that Awakening eats the shit of your stamina and were almost done with one use of them and Kat has been spamming awakening for 12 hours.

Also what’s wrong with what I said about Kat outmaneuvering him? You think he can’t? I think Kat is faster than him tbh and with FS should be able to easily put him in bad positions.
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ACoC = Ryou + CoC. Zoro already had Ryou.

Katakuri, Doflamingo, Don Chinjao were likely all just using hardening and that’s it. That’s why Luffy referred to Rayleigh.
I wonder if King has CoC as well, I want to see zoro and him clash and that clash to look inferior to top tier clashes
Lol Goodluck to King having better reaction speed and CoO than pre fs Luffy

Luffy can twist his body to dodge mogura , King can't
He's not tanking Katakuri or G3+ attacks without being Hurt...mogura wrecks him

He went white eyes from shishi son or bled from mid tier moves vs Zoro

If Marco can hurt him with kicks, anyone with amazing speed catches him off guard and wreck him with powerful attacks.

Zoro doesn't need Adcoc to hurt King, he got coc to tame enma not to hurt king.
He can hurt King, the issue is knowing his secret how he negates damages.
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