Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Biggest asspull lol
Oda just gives zoro anything

Zoro fanboys are happy but were calling luffy "Mr asspulls" when luffy at least knew he had coc and uses it already consciously
Stop coping and accept your fate..attack on kaido was carrying coc. Zoro wasnt aware of it but it doesnt mean he isnt aware of regular coc.. Toei coc moment would be decided filler to explain it. Either way you took hard L , so who cares
Read my posts. I’ve been saying it’s just a mixture of Ryou and CoC for a long time.

Luffy had CoC but he needed Ryou/ACoA

Zoro had Ryou but he needed CoC

Both of them unlocked “instantly” because it’s just mixing those two.
But what about the fact that Kaido said only very very few select strongest in the world can use this ability?

Kata's best attacks are - Power Mochi (>= an Elephant Gun) and Zangiri Mochi (exact portayal as a Snakeman King Cobra).
Zoro hits much harder than that, heck I'd say even pre Enma Zoro hits much harder than that.
Mogura couldn't even tag Base Luffy without FS and we all saw how King is seemingly immune to stab injuries this chapter.

Those attacks aren't doing anything to King. Marco drawing a couple of drops of blood from King doesn't mean Kata can. And if even Marco, a mythical Zoan known for physical strength and speed, can only get few drops at best.

King is genuinely made out of a different material. And the best part is he is yet to go all out.
I'd argue Pre-Enma Zoro and Post-Enma Zoro are basically the same power level via the revelation from this chapter.
So now Zoro has -

Basic CoO
Adv CoA
Adv CoC

I wonder if Zoro will develop Adv CoO then again none of the top tiers have shown this level of CoO, so it might not be as important for the top guys.
He's fighting an invisible Man next, of course he's getting a CoO upgrade. Just like how Sanji got a durability upgrade this arc

Oda wants the Monster Trio to be Jack of All trade top tiers
Zoro still doesn't know he's using CoC.

King: "I see...
So do you intend to become a “king”?"

Zoro: "Huh?"

This is going to be another instance like the Mr. 1 fight, where afterwards he realized he needed to be able to "tap into that power at will" if he wants to become stronger.

Not gonna lie though, that panel with him holding all three Swords with CoC is fire.

I can see this happening.
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