Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Z: I learned it from this old geezer in my village. I've never said it myself.

M: Eh?

Z: Ha.h.. Hah..

The old geezer in my village was always by the seaside. I never knew his name...

On the day the geezer died, that was the first time I found out that he was Kuina's grandpa.

H: The famed blacksmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo left this country illegally 50 years ago.

13 years ago, East Blue, Shimotsuki Village (Zoro's hometown)

K: That's right, Sunacchi! An incantation to gather one's courage!


The Rogue Prince
Why would it have to be cap around that ?
Look at what people like Ray and Oden and Zoro doing and there first mates .
Like AP wise BM so much stronger than Kat there no need to nerf him so low.
It is though. Just look at his best attacks yourself. Power Mochi equalled a G3 Elephant Gun. Zangiri Mochi recieved portrayal similar to Snakeman King Cobra.

Rayleigh, Oden and Zoro have high AP because they aren't nearly as good as Katakuri in what he's best at - CoO/FS.
There's no such thing as YC 1 level. YC 1s span from Oden/EOS Shiryu to Katakuri/Marco.
Oden is not a Yc1. Shiryu won’t be a Yc1 when Zoro and him fight.

You know what’s nonsense? It’s you bringing up Oden and Ben beckman to try to discredit the narrative of the story to fit your wishful thinking for a power creep.

Oden died before there was a Yonko system and Ben is a part of a much much smaller crew to compensate for his strength.

The rest have similar dimensions crew wise so it stands to reason to believe they are relative. After all King was not mentioned as a stand out commander but Benn was, multiple times. No other First mate was.

If King was is another tier from Kat then whats stopping Kaido and his crew from taking over Totland in the span of a day max?
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Me, an intellectual, knowing Sanji will always remain the 3rd strongest SH no matter what PU's the others get:

More like the others need Adv.CoC to compete with Sanji and fight opponents similarly stronger.

What If Yamato has Adv.CoC? Doesn't matter

Sanji is one of the wings, Sanji>>Yamato

And Sanji CoC soon btw :cheers:
That doesn’t matter, he’s never been shown using basic COC in the manga. If he knew it fully but hadn’t showed I would argue it’s still poorly written.
Forget Zoro trash

Lets talk about King and how motherfucking crazy this **** is

-Mountain sized explosions
-No sells Fucking Kaido damage level attacks
-Fire bender

Bro this **** has no weak points
How strong is he??
King is an unstoppable force.
Switching forms like that is amazing.
And some fans trying to say that a fast character would deal with him?
I wonder who may that be ?
Sanji ? This guy is not as fast as king let alone faster 🤣🤣🤣
Marco? This guy is also faster than sanji but nothing happened..
So cut the bs haters..
And finally :finally:
Zoro with adv CoC enter the stage and fodders in the manga and haters in real life got ko by his ambition.
Man how the heck oda introduce the 6th character(if i remember correctly) with adv CoC and make it look so special??
Amazing job...:lunazing:
People's shit interpretation of Ryuo is why they think these power-ups are ass pulls.
Ryuo is the flow of Haki.
You can flow CoA and CoC.

Luffy didn't have Ryuo but could use CoC.
Zoro had Ryuo but couldn't use CoC.

Luffy, in 1010, realised he could use Ryuo with CoC.
Zoro, in this chapter, realised he could use CoC with Ryuo.

If you can use Ryuo and you have CoC.
You simply need to realise you can use them together, and you have CoC coating.

Also, saying "advanced armament" is confusing.
To clarify: the "no touching" thing is "advanced" Ryuo.

So the semantics for this should be:
Ryuo + CoA: "Ryuo"
Ryuo + CoC: "CoC coating"
Adv. Ryuo + CoA: "Adv. Ryuo"
Adv. Ryuo + CoC: "Adv. CoC coating"

Hope this helps.
Bruh, there is Cinera and then there is you…

There is this thing called a middle ground fam.

That attack is Yc1 lvl and both King and Zoro are Yc1 with Zoro leaving the fight stronger.
Neither Marco nor Katakuri has ever showcase such destructibility. This is far outside the weight class of those two, and "YC1 level" is just a community label to benchmark feats. Just because they're in the same position doesn't mean they're equal or even similar in power.
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