Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Woah, woah woah.... Wait a minute....

So all this time Zoro knows about the concept of Swords choosing it's wielder, and of all the Swords he has had over the years (Wado included) he said that FINALLY it has come. The Sword that has chosen him.

Oda is going to need to extrapolate on this, cause the implications are that Wado and Sandai haven't chosen him. They are still just temp Swords for him, until he finds two others that choose him.

People's shit interpretation of Ryuo is why they think these power-ups are ass pulls.
Ryuo is the flow of Haki.
You can flow CoA and CoC.

Luffy didn't have Ryuo but could use CoC.
Zoro had Ryuo but couldn't use CoC.

Luffy, in 1010, realised he could use Ryuo with CoC.
Zoro, in this chapter, realised he could use CoC with Ryuo.

If you can use Ryuo and you have CoC.
You simply need to realise you can use them together, and you have CoC coating.

Also, saying "advanced armament" is confusing.
To clarify: the "no touching" thing is "advanced" Ryuo.

So the semantics for this should be:
Ryuo + CoA: "Ryuo"
Ryuo + CoC: "CoC coating"
Adv. Ryuo + CoA: "Adv. Ryuo"
Adv. Ryuo + CoC: "Adv. CoC coating"

Hope this helps.
And Adv. CoO+ CoC: Making people see hallucinations/bad futures? :sanmoji:
Neither Marco nor Katakuri has ever showcase such destructibility. This is far outside the weight class of those two, and "YC1 level" is just a community label to benchmark feats. Just because they're in the same position doesn't mean they're equal or even similar in power.
What do you mean by such destructive feats?

Already adressed the Yc1 stuff above.
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