Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I did not expect Santoryuu to momentarily block Hakai. I did not expect Asura to scar Kaido even with 30+ bones broken.

This is by far one of the most surprising things so far. I never, ever expected Oda to have Zoro master CoC coating just 20 chapters after Luffy learns it. I expected Zoro to have a subconscious usage of CoC coating, like at the end where he was assisting Luffy in Kaido's defeat (whether by aiding or killing, it's w/e), a one-time thing caused out of desperation, and to be mastered in the coming arc.

But boy oh boy, Oda said fuck that and pulled this. @nik87 was right, I guess. Just take your expectations and shove them into skies as far as Zoro is concerned this arc, because Oda's been gifting shit after shit and it's been that way since the very start of it.
Its not coc coating its coc infusing coating is different concept infusing like used in ramei hakkei
Zoro training with Enma in Wano mainland before the raid taught him Ryou CoA and he mastered it to Luffy’s level and now he was able to control CoC infusion during the fight against King, EOW Zoe is truly stronger than Rooftop Zoro
Just dumbass arguments. They casually “forget” Katas most lethal moves are with Mochi Drill.
The way how some people judge attack power in this series so weird .
Like these characters can cause massive damage and take attacks that cause massive damage but shit like bullets hurt them .
AP being judge base on how much it destroy make no sense when Have character like admiral who AP all about pin point attacks and other crazy shit .
K: I see... Do you want to be a king?

Z: Ah?

L: The world's strongest swordsman? That's great! The pirate king's nakama would need to be that strong, or I'd be in trouble!

Z: That's right... I promised my captain, and my dear friend!

what? zoro fought against mihawk with blunt blades
I think probably if you're Kozaburo and made Enma, even a fairly decent sword by regular standards would be considered blunt. At least that's what I interpreted.
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