Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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K: I see... Do you want to be a king?

Z: Ah?

L: The world's strongest swordsman? That's great! The pirate king's nakama would need to be that strong, or I'd be in trouble!

Z: That's right... I promised my captain, and my dear friend!

I think probably if you're Kozaburo and made Enma, even a fairly decent sword by regular standards would be considered blunt. At least that's what I interpreted.
That comma should indicate that Zoro is talking about someone else. So it really was Kuina after all.
It's literally the same stuff as Luffy and Kaido's during chapter 1011 and 1010. Same visuals and everything.

Honestly, you can argue it looks even more badass because of smoke. He's using Ryou and ACoC at same time.
No its the same concept as yamato used ramei hakkei against ulti
Z: The village was called "Shimotsuki"... So it wasn't a coincidence..?

Kids: Did you know? This village was created by pirates long ago! That's what my grandma told me!

H: The famed smith Shimotsuki Kozaburo left this country illegally 50 years ago!

That geezer was a Wano samurai! The swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo!?

K: Swords observe humans, looking for a swordsman to match them!

Shopkeeper: It is said that a sword chooses its owner.

Z: So you've come... to choose me, to test me...!

Z: The sword has no evil intent... Indeed that's true. Then what's lacking is my own strength! Is it possible that Oden, even with his haki being stolen like this, was able to fight so naturally!? Isn't that right, Enma?

BP: Look! It's the Pirate Hunter!

BP: King san!

BP: Let us take his head! We'll get promoted for sure!

Z: What should I do? Should I try to stabilise my haki? If my haki keeps being released at this rate, I might die.

Z: No... This is fine!!
What a great lore for Zoro love that.
This chapter is a banger absolute perfect.
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