Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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The next time we see Katakuri he's going to use advance coc.In order to use each type of haki at the highest level, it is necessary to be one of the strongest.Ray's decency that there are people who can see the future among the strongest is a proof of this.

Even the Dof will do it the next time we see it.

The level of coc is important.It is not so difficult to add to the attacks.Yamato could add it, but she can't splitting the sky.Luffy, on the other hand, did it only in its base form.
K: I see... Do you want to be a king?

Z: Ah?

L: The world's strongest swordsman? That's great! The pirate king's nakama would need to be that strong, or I'd be in trouble!

Z: That's right... I promised my captain, and my dear friend!

I think probably if you're Kozaburo and made Enma, even a fairly decent sword by regular standards would be considered blunt. At least that's what I interpreted.
can you post your translation into the other page? thank you for your translation :blush:
It's literally the same stuff as Luffy and Kaido's during chapter 1011 and 1010. Same visuals and everything.

Honestly, you can argue it looks even more badass because of smoke. He's using Ryou and ACoC at same time.
That is his haki being drain not smoke .
Hell it the reason why you see it with Enma for most of the chapter before he goes haki drain ACoC with all his swords .

No lol. More examples:

Haki leak from weapon. And the CoC confirmation as fodders pass out behind him. There is no such thing as CoC usage in attacks without coating them.

You're just being pathetic with the downplaying right now. He obviously has it.
Man just when did zoro find out the concept of coating things with coc? Pls tell me
Kaido: *receiving damage ALL night long from at least 20 different people and still kicking strong with no signs of tiredness or serious injuries*

Zoro fans: "King more durable than Kaido*:laughmoji:
That's endurance, not durability. Receiving damage part is the only thing related to durability. If you receive damage to begin with, you're not as durable as one who doesn't from similar or better attack.

No shit Kaido has far better endurance than King. At least until King starts taking serious damage and keep going.
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