Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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K: You bored of the dojo?

Z: I lost to Kuina again! I haven't trained enough!

Z: eh!? I don't have any money!

K: These are blunt anyways. Now these things are the only things I can make... Use them to practice or whatever.

K: A good sword is a "human carving knife". They are created for the purpose of killing. Blacksmiths create them to take as many lives as possible!!

K: Even swords have personalities. Those who can make the swords submit are swordsmen!

K: Dangerous swords are cursed? What a load of crock, they are meito! The cursed swords feared by the weak have had the honour of a name bestowed upon them! If a sword is fearsome, it means that it is faithfully serving its purpose as a lethal weapon!

K: When I was young, that thing that I made was my life's greatest accomplishment... it was very serious in temperament, so much so that it would give you the chills just to hold it. So I gave that meito the name of the Great King of the Underworld!!!

Z: The Great King of the Underworld... "Enma"
Kaido: *receiving damage ALL night long from at least 20 different people and still kicking strong with no signs of tiredness or serious injuries*

Zoro fans: "King more durable than Kaido*:laughmoji:
That's the thing. King's no selling these high tier attacks meanwhile Kaido's enduring them. That is impressive in its own right, but Kaido's still taking danage at the end of the day.
Just woke up and saw the panels.

The only thing I can say is - - - > :milaugh:

I still cannot believe we're getting a chapter like this. I'm expecting the WSJ to come out and say "sorry, we dropped the ball with this one, disregard it please"

Not only this is a chapter that leaks Zoro's greatness from each page either directly or indirectly through King's hype... But Oda decided to add a lot of Sanji trolling in it just for the sake of it. Wow.

I guarantee you that if you go in the Zoro fan club there are fan fictions in there that are less biased than this chapter.

Oda, you crazy man. :milaugh:

Looks like this time I'm gonna have to write a wall of text in the chapter thread. There is a lot to discuss here.


The Rogue Prince
Yes but Kaido has also been holding ACoC attacks which king not get any yet and other stuff like law and killer luffy internal attackss etc etc .
So that has to be factor into Durability.
I mean, the manga quite literally spelled it out for me - King is a step beyond the "Dragon and the Dinosaurs".

It isn't a big issue though - Marco had better regen than Whitebeard, Katakuri had better CoO than Big Mom. It's only fair if King has one stat higher than his captain,.
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Yes before that he always infused his coc in enma like zoro,
Nope. He never showed the black lightning jettisoning off of his swords like Zoro did this chapter.
Guys everyone is against me so tell me oden has coc so why does he get shocked when he saw roger and whitebeard fight without touching thier weapons???? Because oden infused his swords with coc zoro and oden both doesn't know concept of coating weapons with coc
Are you stupid? Infusing and coating is literally the same. You can't be a monkey and try to seperate these. Oden adapted the coating after he saw WB and Roger clashing with it. He used it then against kaido.
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