Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Jack lost in 10-20 minutes against sulong Duke 1v1
Lost in minutes vs sukong dukes on the rooftop
That 5 days was because Jack didn't fight dukes at their full power

BTW Jack stamina =/= King stamina
Just cause King is stronger ,doesn't mean he has better stamina.
King ans Queen were never hinted or shown to be stamina Kings

You guys should stop this dumb logic "X is weaker thus all his stats are weaker "
Kaido and King alone challenged the entirety of the Red Hair Pirates, so this argument is especially stupid.

BTW, King was neither defeated nor unmasked in that battle.
No they didn't, RHP intercepted Kaido and King and the two retreated back after a battle. They didn't win at all while RHP proceeded to MF.

A whole Yonko crew >>>>> One Yonko and his RHM.


The Rogue Prince
I mean we have to wait and see cause if King get the famous one shot power up attack KO that kind goes out the window IMO lol,
that's out of the window imo.

if oda wanted to do that, he would've done it this chapter.
plus there's a lot yet to come out of this fight - lunarian lore, king should be unmasked, he should go all out as well.

so i dont think zoro's one-shotting king.
I don't understand what you mean by this. As this chapter has established cursed sword are just swords with will that many are to weak to wield and understand. Enma was only draining Zoro because he didn't get what Enma wanted from him. Now that Zoro has fulfilled Enma's "task" bynot restraining his Haki anymore, instead giving it all of it, Enma won't act out against Zoro anymore.
Yes he is giving it his all which is why he saying he can died from haki lost or Oden was using more haki than him while using the sword .
We already know there stamina issue with haki .
This not about Enma any more this about Zoro saying fuck it and going all out with his haki sort like what luffy does with gear 4 .
This chapter is so fucking aswm and there was no particular show of who the best friend can be so I just have a feeling that its Sanji
but zoro calling him best friend is a little weird but kuina being the best friend is weirder as she wasn't his best friend at all... I mean best friend is a big word and at a time like this so that's why
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