Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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ZKK jumped from being wishful thinking to a legitimate theory after this chapter

Flashback to creator of Enma talking to young Zoro about how swords are created to kill people, followed by him getting ACoC right after showcasing basic CoC - it's like Zoro fans are writing King vs Zoro themselves

Like seriously. If you asked me a week ago I would've said you was crazy. Never doubt Oda and his boner for Zoro :believe:
Banger fight, now next chapter I want Zoro to destroy that mask and have King face reveal + his CoC reveal too and clash with their haki.

He's called King, race of his was called as gods by some, strength too he has all qualities for CoC
Face reveal within the next 5 chapters? Keep dreaming..It's Oda we're dealing with here hope for King face reveal on Wano epilogue
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