Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I don't tip.
so the next chap is Sanji vs Queen finale then we'll have Zoro vs King finale

then we'll have ourselves a yonko duel the feast finale
Oh you poor summer child....
Next chapter MAYBE we get some update on Luffy vs Kaido.
Then we go back to the stuff inside the castle.
Still gotta deal with fire Yokai.
Momo lifting Onigashima.
Cp0 vs Drake and Apoo.
Ninja battle.
Big Meme.
THEN we can get back to the main course.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
For real, moment Fuji is interrupted, his gravity wears off.
The lifting rubble will backfire and it can fall on both Fuji and King instead.
Except King is more durable than the old man who got bandaged by Sabo despite Green Bull back up.
If you also noticed. He seemed to need to put gravity pressure on his blade to push Zoro off.
@Red Admiral What do you think about King's power level??
depends on how good he can fight in front of Zoro now ...

right now the fight was mostly about match up .... cause Zoro couldn't damage him much ...

if right now King can actually fight Zoro well we can entertain the idea of low top tier cause I expect Zoro is now a top tier as well
maybe for 1 or 2 chapters Zoro will struggle to use this new found power but after that he should stand on top tier
This is a strange chapter… a whole chapter of flashbacks with Zoro connecting dots that the readers connected like months ago…. hmmm…. the panels better be good or else this will feel like a filler chapter
Zoro vs King won't end before Sanji vs Qieen..
it may be that it transitions into Sanji vs Queen's finale without ending tho
I am not saying it will end though. I am just saying that the fight continues and we might see zoro and king clashing with ACoC. Then it goes back to sanji. Next chapter might be half zoro and half sanji chapter.
Power scaling as of this chapter for me
Oden = Mid Top Tier = EoW Zoro and EoW Luffy
Old Rayleigh = Benn Beckman = Current Zoro = Current Luffy = Low Top tier
King = In Betweener = Yamato
Chapter 1000 Zoro = Chapter 1000 Luffy = Marco = High YC1 Level
Awakened Law = Awakened Kidd = Katakuri = Average YC1 level = EoW Sanji

@Red Admiral
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