Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Law still had a role to play in fighting BM, can't have him out of comission before then now is it?

Or does PIS not work that way?

As for connecting a hit, I am sure the guy faster than FS Luffy can land a hit on King.
Kaido's hits have only been a threat to Luffy, it's pretty much consistent, nothing to do with Law...
And I guess you dont realize that King is faster than the guy who is faster than FS Luffy? :myman:
1 shotted, I am not sure, since like others said, his mask isn't even broken yet.

But the 5 minutes time limit, it seems the route Oda is going rn. After time limit expires, only Kaido will be spared.
Who cares about the time limit though? Oda makes up long off panel battles like that just for hype. Meme and Kaido fought each other for 3 days and now they're losing to rookies in what? Half a day?

It's about how many chapters we get here, I think 2 more isn't crazy tbh.

1) Zoro breaks the mask, lunarian info dump, King's secret ability, King going full power and still keeping the edge against Zoro.
2) Zoro moving to the higher end moves and winning at the end.
Swords are “tools for taking lifes”!! Created to kill people!!
Blacksmiths design swords to take as many lives as possible!!"

The sword is scary simply because it's performing its “duty” for it was made for!!
That sword I created when I was young, was the “masterpiece of my life”...
It was a sword that was so serious about doing its “duty”!!
I gave that “famed sword” the name of the King of Underworld!!!"

ZKK confirmed

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