Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I mean all the damage King has done
That explosion
Him getting tossed around last chappter
Getting thrown off onigashima
All the Haki Enma has forecefully pulled out of him.

I am just saying you being so adamant on forcing Luffy > Zoro notion would only entice reaction from Zoro fans and they'll downplay Luffy now. Just have a neutral opinion and accept Zoro and Luffy are similar level.

You can give Luffy benefit of the doubt that he wins if you want.
I can't accept that cuz it's not true. Luffy got mad battle damage too and he's chilling.


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Man the King vs Yamato, Zoro vs Yamato, King vs Katakuri battledom threads are gonna be wild this week :catpole:
My current tier list is something like this:
  • Mid Top Tier
    • Hybrid Kaido[+]
    • 1027 Luffy
  • Low Top Tier
    • 1033 Zoro [+]
    • King (???)
    • 1010 Luffy
  • Peak High Tier
    • Yamato [+]
    • Rooftop Zoro
    • 1000 Luffy
  • High High Tier
    • Katakuri
    • Marco

King is my placement based on my expectations of the rest of the fight.

Just based on what he's shown so far, I'll place him at Peak High Tier [+].

I could downgrade him if Zoro molests him when next we see their fight.

Yamato is hard to rate, but that's what I have for now.

@TheKnightOfTheSea: you asked for this.
@Cinera @ShishioIsBack @Sentinel those chapters all prove to me though that Onigashima isn't really big. There are a lot of direct perspectives that illustrate it. For example this:

Zoro is seen among these "mountains". King all the more. Even the building in the background, which has 2 floors and sits among those mountains, is like 1/5 of these mountains. We also saw ships being pretty big when right next to these boulders:

Those boulders are certainly a couple of 100 meters big, but certainly now in the Kilometers range, like 5km. All these "calcs" are inaccurate since they do not consider perspective. But here we have a 2 floo building that sits right within the boulders. Plus the stairs leading into Onigashima, which have the width of 1-2 humans and are leading right into Onigashima.
Comrade that Big Mom ship is one of the largest pirate ships in the world. It makes 80 meter sunny look like an ant in comparison. Easily 300 or 400 meters.

Even if we take that ship Onigashima skull would seem like 3 KM high

Then there is general Onigashima perspective

This is the most important perspective showing grandoise size of onigashima.
There are like what? 100 ships docking, each ship is like a 100 meters.
Take one of the ships in the front, that is closest to onigashima, it seems like you can stack 50 of those ships and it might reach the roof. Again showing Onigashima skull around 3 to 5 KM range.
I think putting Rooftop Zoro at YC1 level is still the right decision imo. It's obvious that Enma been affecting his performance against King greatly, if he had Shusui right here that wouldn't have happened. But overall Adv CoC Zoro is for sure > YC1 not going too argue against it.
King is a war machine, honestly. Zoro is now going to use CoC attacks and it looks like the fight won't be over. I don't know if King can use CoC attacks but I think he'll be able to contend in some way or the other. Yes Zoro is ultimately going to win but holy crap.

P.S. This OP mf Kizaru wanted to go there with Kaido, Big Mom coming and this beast.
King is too strong for High Tier.

If King can no sell a Shi Shishi Sonson from a Rooftop Zoro giving it his all, no High Tier is scratching him once his defences are up.

This is Zoro's ultimate technique for overcoming the hardest defences:
  • He used it to cut Daz Bones' steel body.
  • He used it when he wanted to cut through Kaki's Tekkai.
  • He used it against Kuma's Pacifista body.
  • He used it to cut through the Punk Hazard Dragon's tough hide.

King took it head on and without any damage. This makes it clear beyond a doubt that without Haoshoku Rooftop Zoro simply cannot deal significant damage to King.

Even an attack like Hiryuu Kaen would fail (Dead Man's Game was probably subconscious Haoshoku).

There's no trick or secret that would allow high tiers to defeat King. If one is not capable of infusing their attacks with Haoshoku, then they have no hope. Whatever else you think about Zoro, his offensive prowess cannot be denied.

Couple King's godly defence with his absurd offence, insane mobility and the staying power of an Ancient Zoan and you are left with an inevitable result: King is a monster that's too strong for the High Tier spectrum.

And this is without getting to Awakening or King's own potential Haoshoku. If he shows either of those two, I'll stop beating around the bush and just accept that he's a Top Tier.

@Fujishiro, @MarineHQ62, @Bogard, @ZenZu, @comrade.
I think you're judging about this too early, he's very obviously performing some hax with his fire powers. It only makes sense though, his race was known for "bursting in flames" so I guess if ya don't find their secret you have no way off hurting them.

That being said, Marco's chances depend on what really King's secret is, when it's fire related he got a good shot.
I can't accept that cuz it's not true. Luffy got mad battle damage too and he's chilling.
He didn't really.
He was knocked out by Kaido and then had days worth of days and since then he has hardly taken damage.
Kaido on the other hand we are told is nerfed.

It is simply true because even without power up Zoro was outshining Luffy every single time he was on roof top and Luffy still hasn't replicated damage to Kaido that Zoro did.

Now we also know King is more durable than Kaido and Zoro has gotten power up so he can beat him.
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