Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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No it's not. Marco's fire displayed no form of superiority to King's own.

Marco already fought King and wasn't able to do anything.
Marco never had the time too even figure out what King's secret was, despite that, he catched on too something in the end and even post their battle was visibly intrigued in King shown with the WB FB.

Neither were King or Queen able to give Marco any kind of lasting damage whereas Garp did during MF. It's literally just been minutes and Marco is all fine
Probably. We know haki blooms in battle. Shanks and Mihawk had multiple legendary duels. This was also coming from WB who saw people like Roger and Rocks.

People like to hype Akainu and Aokiji for their one duel. Shanks and Mihawk were going at it multiple times. They should be the most competent fighters in the verse in terms of martial skill by far. Other top tiers don't engage in conflict nearly as much as they did when younger.
Yeah plus it makes sense for the best fighters of this generation to surpass best fighters of previous generation.
He didn't face them alone tho that's the thing. Everyone worked together to inflict damage on kaido and big mom
Sure but after what we saw on the rooftop especially by Lufy/Zoro (knowing that Zoro was nerft) uff this 2 are something completely different than even the other 3SN. The uffing puffin that we saw often for Zoro is 100% acceptable after this new information.
He pushes Zoro to higher end of neg diff.
Dude truth be told before last chapter I actually had Sanji giving Zoro high diff, I was like "maybe Oda is up to something here with Wings bullshit" but Sanji literally can't catch a break.

Okay give me your take on following battles, give me like a small description

Zoro vs Yamato
Zoro vs Luffy
King vs Yamato
King vs Luffy
Zoro vs Oden
Mihawk vs Oden
Luffy vs Oden
King vs Marco
Marco vs Katakuri
My current tier list is something like this:
  • Mid Top Tier
    • Hybrid Kaido[+]
    • 1027 Luffy
  • Low Top Tier
    • 1033 Zoro [+]
    • King (???)
    • 1010 Luffy
  • Peak High Tier
    • Yamato [+]
    • Rooftop Zoro
    • 1000 Luffy
  • High High Tier
    • Katakuri
    • Marco

King is my placement based on my expectations of the rest of the fight.

Just based on what he's shown so far, I'll place him at Peak High Tier [+].

I could downgrade him if Zoro molests him when next we see their fight.

Yamato is hard to rate, but that's what I have for now.

@TheKnightOfTheSea: you asked for this.
Bring Luffy down to Low top tier
Bring Kaido up to high top tier
Mid top tier is for say Oden Big Mom Fujitora etc
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@Seraphoenix So basically if you think AdvCoC is end all be all you put Zoro above all non AdvCoC users?
Garp Sengoku Akainu Kizaru Fujitora Shiki Bullet etc?
No way lol. Oda is setting up another "nothing happened" moment when the medicine is off, and Zoro was nerfed in Sabaody after that.
I agree but we don't know how much time passes until Elbaf or atleast until the fights in Elbaf.
It just seems like the perfect spot/time for Luffy vs Shanks, Zoro vs Mihawk for me.
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