Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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My interpretation was that Zoro was trying to figure out how the fuck Oden did it, so i think he came to the conclusion that there's no way Oden was controlling the haki thing all the time like he was doing, basically fighting off Enma.

Oden really became "friends" with Enma, by giving what it wanted and using it for what it was designed to do, that's why the name of the last chapter was "Oden's beloved sword".

So Zoro started doing the same thing, for all 3 blades.
That could be a reasonable explanation....anyway this concept with the swords / cursed it's really fascinating hope Oda developes it more after all we're in the land of swordsmen....
Guys can you tell me what was the purpose of Hiyori in the previous chapter?

Did Zoro use some form of ultra COO to feel that song?

It weird that is not mention 1 bit in this chapter about what happen in the final pages of 1032

What your opinion guys?
Its a set up for momo to be reunited with her latter and kill Orochi, i would say. She will probably try to kill him and fail.
Haha i completely forgot that happened. It seemed the noise awakened Enma ? Maybe ?
This is just my opinion but this fight is especially done for anime fan, Hiyori playing the song gona be epic when you see Zoro&King fighting all around Onigashima.
It like the opening chapter in Wano, with Zoro (was super nice with that Japanese song) so that what I believe.
Also can you calculate King's explosion? Sounds like a Island level attack since its a pure blast not just a cut @Sentinel
Looking from the panel, it's vague how much things were destroyed by the explosion. Sure, the explosion itself is a few kilometers high, easily - just from eyeballing - but we need to see the crater at first which was caused by said explosion. A crater usually makes it possible to calculate the attack potency.
I find it interesting that Zoro doesnt seem to know he has any conmection to Kuina or Kozaburo… People who are on the Ushimaru is Zoro’s father train will have to explain why Neither Koshiro nor Kozaburo ever told Zoro he who his father was or why Zoro doesnt know or care as well

Like Kozaburo is seemingly fine with telling Zoro secrets such as him being a Samurai/pirate but he doesnt tell Zoro that he is a shimotsuki???

It seems more and more likely, Zoro isnt actually biologically related to anyone here
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