Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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If you think Dragon and Garp is fraud. You would have to think marines as a whole are frauds. Also didn’t Oda said somewhere in sbs that Garp was the most powerful marine in marineford.


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Luffy’s father is actually know all the world and saving countless countries, is deemed most wanted person by the most powerful power in the world (marines).
Meanwhile Zoro’s father is a nameless fodder.
1) It's called running from the WG like a bitch, and putting his commanders lives in danger, while, himself hiding in the headquarter.

2) we don't know anything about Zoro's father rn. After seeing how his backstory is going, I won't be surprised if his father was a big Warrier, unlike fraud dragon.
Lets hope sanji at least gets basic CoC and later on adv CoC like the other 2. Since Yamato will join he will be kicked out of M3 for a short time. He needs to catch up.
Doesn’t make sense For Sanji to have it even tho he’s a prince of Geram but let’s be honest Oda’s given Special Portrayal to Conquerors, Sanji ? I’m not so sure with the usual crying and all.

Conquerors are outright badass. Simple, Sanji just makes it up to the borderline of just being able to protect his friends.
Sanji has no interest in surpassing Anyone.
Maybe being from Wano was secret, like the old guy this chapter didn’t want Zoro to talk about being a samurai. They were afraid of Marines
The old guy could’ve at least said he was related to zoro… Like technically this guy is like Zoro’s great uncle right? Zoro doesnt need to be told he is from Wano, he can at least be told he has relatives right there with him

And i think the marine business is because they are pirates… Zoro says that the rumor is that the town was founded by pirates
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