Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Queen: Muhahaha~!
Queen: The person on the Den Den Mushi earlier was the "Pirate Hunter" right!?
Queen: He won't be able to beat King......!!
Sanji: .............
Queen: That guy is a survivor of the Lunaria Tribe that should have been destroyed...!!
Queen: ...he's a monster that can survive in any kind of environment!!
Queen: Very long ago...
Queen: ...members of his tribe were referred as "gods"!!
Sanji: Why was a tribe like that destroyed?
Queen: If you wanna know...!
Queen: ...ask "history" yourself!!!!

Sanji seemed concerned about the tribe, and that last line from Queen tho... Is oda planning something related to lunarians for sanji, a new plotline maybe related to ancient vinsmokes ?:bamathink:
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