Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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But other than all the, if poison works on King, Queen can possibly force a longer stall with a gas by limiting King to air slash and fire.
King has way too many answers for Queen's bio weapons:
  • Lunarian biology no sells it:
    • "Undefeatable monsters that can adapt to any environment"
  • He burns the toxins/pathogens with his fire.
  • He clears away the poison gas with a massive explosion.
  • He heals from the poison/pathogens with his fire.
  • He rebirths himself through fire.

We have literally no reason to think that Queen's bio weapons would work against King.

I agree that the fight can't be stretched past medium difficulty. On feats/match up though, even a medium difficulty fight is hard to justify.
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Sanji = Gets all his bones broken by Queen's special dino attack, the fight would be over at that point and he would die if he didn't unlock esoskeleton and Germa shenanigans right after that

Zoro = First time dodges King's special dino attack, second time gets hit because of Enma going out of control, and he tanks and goes on without much trouble.
Note that he not only tanked a move stronger than the one that technically defeated Sanji; but also a move that destroyed part of Onigashima.

"There's a small gap, they are almost equals"
Why always compare Zoro and Sanji to belittle one of the 2 every week?

Gol D. Roger

I feel Oda is making clear the long distance between YC2(sanji) and a Yonko.

O-LIN with in two moves k.o Queen briefly as saw.
Sanji not being able to match such yet means that Oda is respecting BM power which I like.

Sanji will get a pu then he will need to wear down Queen a lot I feel to ultimately beat him.
BM did not KO Queen; he was pretending to avoid getting beaten.
A joke that was playing hacky sack with both king and queen at the same time. It needing the 2 of them just to tire himout
After he just flew all the way from sphinx island, stalled linlin, and helped the whole live floor with his flames
Nope. Chopper was doing that to Queen and Sanji too without real damage. Marco failed to damage Queen and King.
Marco started fighting both but then Sanji helped him and after that even Sanji was fighting them both alone. It didn't took King and Queen to tire Marco.
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IsnΒ΄t it insane, you look at WsW vs Jinbe as example, looking how destructive their battle are and then compare it to a high end fight with Zoro vs King, the visual aspect and the way of two fights, Oda canΒ΄t descript it better showing what it means to fight a Firstmate and someone as WsW(supernova lvl).
Jinbe vs WsW:

And then you compare it in visual aspect to King vs Zoro:

Just compare them, the leagues between these fights are insane huge, the one with Zoro vs King is a champions class while Jinbe vs WsW feels like the amateur class...
Now I understand why Zoro want Franky to move aside, like Franky, WsW and Jinbe probably would go down by just the standing near of the fight between Zoro vs King!!....
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