Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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if Zoro's 2x damage drug effect doesn't kick in during the King fight...

ZKK doubters should start crying
How long the drug last is literallly up to Oda imo. He can even make the damage kick in after the raid is complete or Zoro meets up with Hiyori (could have healing df) and she heals the damage got from the king fight only (just a possibility. Zoro not seeing the end of the entire Raid and being knocked out while people are still fighting would look so bad.:kayneshrug::kayneshrug:
As much as people don't wanna accept it. Even DR Boundman Luffy is pummeling the shit out of Queen for a good 20 minutes. Unlike Doffy he can't use awakening too avoid direct contact.

Cracker managed to block even Kong organ

It was fighting king and queen for however long he did that finally pushed him to getting exhausted. And even when chopper was there marco was still helping against queen when not busy with king

Only reason sanji had to fight both was because how much the 2 tired him out
What about Marco using his DF to heal people on living floor for a hour?
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