Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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A recent example, Luffy used some of his strongest attacks with advCoA on Page One and Ulti and it did nothing, Zoro used again one of his strongest attacks on Killer and he one shot, mind you killer is stronger than Ulti or Page One.

Its good to hate but make sure you don't sound stupid while doing so :cheers:


Zoro got knocked out by nerfed Killer, you shouldn't be bragging about that


The Rogue Prince
And again king and queen didn't do anything significant to Marco at all but have him need to catch his breath
At the end of his encounter with King, once Queen left, only one person was beaten to a pulp while the other one was virtually undamaged.

But it didn't tho... we have no idea that just because zoro got coc hes gonna be able to win without knowing the secret to his race
And nothing states that knowing the secret of the regeneration is gonna allow Zoro to stop him from using it.

Maybe Zoro can, thanks to knowing how cut flames. Marco certainly cannot. And Marco simply does not have the AP to do meaningful damage to King.
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