Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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When I said back then when we had the flying six fights that the calamity could get 3-5chapters, people laught saying they would end in 2chapters, without much focus, get handle same way as Mr.1 and Mr.2 or Kaku and Jabra, these fight feel more like it was basic fighters vs Zoro/Sanji, however vs King/Queen, you can feel the same amount of portrayal as Oda give for Kata, like King and Queen been portrayal as final villians similar like Kaido. It feel so fresh and I like this concept, not only Luffy is the main actor, but also Zoro and Sanji take the role as mainactor, same for King and Queen. Marco legit tease this and if this continue like this we get 3-5chapters in total for Zoro vs King and each for Sanji vs Queen.
Oda strategy is offscreen this fight A and show another fight B this chapter. Offscreen fight B and show fight A next chapter. Rise and repeat

I am glad zoro and sanji have longer fight by chapters. I believe they will fight more than 6 hours. Mom and ya ota are doing defuse bomb duty.


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Because they dumb 🗿
Just like how queen really doesn't go in for the kill and just toys with people and king didn't try finish off sanji or zoro when he almost knocked him off the island

Theyre both sadistic weirdos too 🗿
Dawg. They literally went to kill Marco once they saw him alive.

Ill just accept ur concession atp :myman:


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So King vs Zoro will last roughly 4 chapters
1 more to get King's origin and Zoro figuring things out
1 more for the epic finale
One thing is certain - king isn't getting one shotted because chapter ended with zoro getting AdCoC and he is ready to fight.

This means king vs zoro will happen for whole next chapter so one shot is out of equation.

However, I personally feel that oda will switch fight and now will focus on wrapping queen vs sanji first then will proceed to conclude zoro vs king
Zoro and Killer are on the same level. You shouldn't brag about Zoro beating Killer as an argument for Zoro being a Top Tier fighter like Kaido (like ZKK stans do).

Luffy's lackey is strong :sadgrin::sadgrin:, but there's a gap between Zoro and Admirals/Yonkou :madmonk::madmonk:
Yes they are 2 of the 5 strongest of the next-gen why should we brag about it exactly? :kayneshrug:

Yeap admirals and yonko are stronger than Zoro so why are you telling me this exactly?:choppawhat:

By the way, you do realise that Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Killer and Law will be the 5 strongest pirates of all time right?
Its even arguable that they are the 5 strongest of the allies right now.
Nah, I don't think Oda plans to kill the most mysterious character in OP like that. Rather, Imu might be the Ganondorf to Zant (Akainu).

Either way, we will see this shit in maybe another 10 years lmao.
Interestin, if I recall I believe zant does rule twilight realm openly, not as mysterious character.

My reason that IM may not be strongest character
If IM secret got exposed, he lose his political power faster than anyone as doflamingo mention.
Ruling in secret mean if someone know you rule in secret then they will try to take your power. Enel rule sky island publicly.
‘We will find out why IM rule in secret than being openly ruling the world openly.
I don't understand why needing advanced CoC to not be dominated by King is a good thing. Zoro was supposed to be YC0.5 since the beginning of the raid :kayneshrug:
If that is advanced CoC, which i doubt.
Ngl,BP´s getting far better on-screen feats

Cracker got better stuff on-screen as Jack
Queen getting better stuff as Smoothie
King getting better stuff as Kata
Kaido getting WAY better stuff as Meme

Either Oda hates the BMP or they are rly weaker
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