Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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No joke she might run into Zoro soon. Seems like King knocked Zoro into a basement floor. Part of me thinks her flashback and Zoro's need to sort of come together to put through the idea that he's very similar to Ushimaru. This could be before or after the King fight is over.
Would be funny if zoro see Yamato first and thought she is enemy and tried to kill her ? :gokulaugh:
She has the horn on head therefore she side with kadio.
Why is Zoro's swords smoking? No other ACoC user weapon is smoking.

Do anyone thing that is part of the process to creating a black blade?
It doesn't even look like smoke
it looks like fire

Could zoro perhaps have mastered kinemon's firefox style? Kinemon is able to both create fire and cut fire, however so far, zoro has only cut fire. Perhaps he took the next step and now can create fire as well.
As we can see all these characters getting op powerups we know deep in our hearts that our beloved series is nearing its end maybe 4 more years left:josad:
I doubt it's even remotely 4 more years left. It's been 2 years since the 5 years left comment and we are still in Wano and there are 5x more important characters than Kaido/BM. On top of the fact that we will have 1 missing RP and several islands to go before the final war.

Never take Oda's estimates at face value
All time? Luffy/Zoro, maybe Kid. But Law/Killer above Whitebeard/Shanks/Kaido/Roger/Rox i dont see happening

Top 5 pirates all time EoS will probably be Luffy/Zoro/Primebeard/Roger/EoS Blackbeard [Xebec/Kaido/Shanks barely out the top 5]

I may be wrong tho :kayneshrug:[/QUOTE
Stronger all Time
2.imu/joy boy/nikka
5.primebeard / shanks/kaido
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