Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Thats the thing though, Oda never stated any of this was supposed to work 1 by 1… Aisa in Skypiea for no reason could here the voices of everyone in upper yard… Usopp out of nowhere can see Kilometers away through walls

Can Luffy do any of this? Can luffy see kilometers away through walls and hear the voices of people in a whole island? No. But he has future sight… So… There isnt really any order in which anyone is supposed to learn anything
Luffy trained his coc for two years and then we went through the whole ts before he learned acoc. It's ridiculous that zoro gets a magic sword that skips all of that
Maybe King's suit is a shell that protects his gas/fire body?
I've always thought that he's indeed wearing that suit because it's fireproof and contains whatever either covers his flesh body or replaces it to some degree. And the way he just stood in front of Zoro totally feels like he either doesn't have a body that can be pierced like that or it's protected but something around it that caused the exploson before the blade reached vital points.
It doesn't even look like smoke
it looks like fire

Could zoro perhaps have mastered kinemon's firefox style? Kinemon is able to both create fire and cut fire, however so far, zoro has only cut fire. Perhaps he took the next step and now can create fire as well.
It seems to be the same thing we saw when Zoro first used enma.

I thought it was because enma was forcing Zoro to release too much haki but that doesn't seem to be the case now?

It does seem to be haki related.
Yeah. Though also remember a slightly weaker TB to Law's chest did very little damage. It's a good feat but not that big of a deal.

Zoro's lethal attacks should be capable of breaking past. Also, Zoro's AP is even higher now.
Lethal? Zoro couldn't damage abd pass King Defence, why a guy in this caliber respect a knowledge Kaidou? And fallow him as his government?.
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