Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Really? could you find something similar on how they all splitted the clouds?
Because of ADV COC, and most importantly, even after seeing Zoro's swords fully covered with COC, King didn't seem worried at all. It simply means, he also has ADV COC. And so far, ADV COC clash means SKY SPLITTING.
Like I said, brag about this after it happens, not before lol. No use assuming things we dont truly know.
But it is true, big mom run away from Marco like coward and claiming need some type of soul thing. I don’t run away from flies. I killed them. Same king and queen beat up Marco which it cause him to exhaustion of his stamin.
King fight zoro better than kadio and big mom
It's not true. Big Mom is a 4.3b Emperor of the Sea who literally mirrors Kaido in terms of narrative and has been explicitly put in his level more than once. You guys seriously need to stop overcomplicating such simple axioms and read this story with some perspective of how Oda writes and depicts his big picture; otherwise you necessarily need to bias and lie to yourselves because otherwise nobody can make any sense out of a half-dead Kin'emon surviving Kaido's infused kanabo without losing consciousness, for example.

"King fight zoro better than kadio and big mom", yeah, then maybe your reasoning should be that Oda doesn't give a damn about your power scaling obsessions instead of thinking a 1.3b commander is stronger than one of the kings of the New World and can perform better than two for any reason that isn't on the whims of narrative.


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
Ngl,BP´s getting far better on-screen feats

Cracker got better stuff on-screen as Jack
Queen getting better stuff as Smoothie
King getting better stuff as Kata
Kaido getting WAY better stuff as Meme

Either Oda hates the BMP or they are rly weaker
Which he hasn't . King hasn't gotten anything better.
Oda would never treat kata as nachriujd dude for 100 chapters, troll him vs Marco in 2v1 then have Kata get hyped only for his race/family while showing no new top skill.

You guys are caught by recent events

Jack for better feats than Smoothie
Even pero for better feats and highlights than Smoothie.
Oda stated Smoothie to be "very powerful!" That is something no other YC received in the manga or sbs except Oden, Ben and Katakuri.
Smoothie is very strong, she lacks feats. Perospero feats and being reative to Jack boosts Cracker and Smoothie

BMP portrayal didn't change
Oda labeled them as first empire and only to never lose a battle nor be moved for decades since creation!
In bounty reveal : Navy didn't mention Beast pirates, only hyped kaido being the sole reason why he's Yonko but when it comes to BM, they mentioned her being Yonko with help from her 86 children ,and also hyped Shanks top 3 and crew.

Each Yonko has WS hype individually or their top 3 or Crew :
Kaido :WSC
Linlin : has strongest family thus Crew
Shanks : has Strongest top 3

Always keep what Oda does,
He always highlights BMP and RHP whenever Linlin and Shanks are hyped : in novels, manga or sbs. That shows you BMP (SCs) and RHP ( and Their top 3) area top 2.
Kaido was afraid for all our war if BM brought her kids! While Linlin wasn't afraid to challenge Kaido solo or in war!
Base King is basically Sanji on steroids.
- harder body
- stronger fire
- hits harder

Also wielding a sword for lethality, maybe even having CoC.

And this combined with a flying dinosaur fruit.

I can understand why @Chrono thought King will face Sanji, for all of the similarities they have. He just misinterpreted King's purpose. Not being similar to Sanji but a stronger version with more abilities and a dinosaur fruit on top. And a stronger version of Sanji can only be beaten by Zoro.
Bruh these aren't Power Mochi. They are much bigger than this.
Don't see that much of a difference. In G4 it has the size off Luffy's belly and in Base it looks as big as his entire upper body

Looking back at all this, it just reminds me of how pathetic Katakuri was.
Please stop trying to compare him to King, you are so much better than this.

Featwise King low diffs and I'll give Katakuri benefit of the doubt that be mid diffs
No he doesn't.
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