Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Kozaburo: Listen up..!! The sword is a tool for killing!! It is something that comes into being with the sole purpose of killing someone

We have 9 scabban that said they will never stop until they get Kaido's head, we have Oden than wanted to take Kaido's head too.
We a Zoro that want to cut to pieces the so call strongest creature in the world
And we have Kaido that durring the fight with the twin Dragon Momosuke say at the end of the war only 1 dragon will stand.

I mean I don't think King is on par with the Emperors, but he's treating Zoro in a way several top tiers could not.

King is the first person to straight up overpower Zoro's guard (he fucking held back Hakai for a bit, so even two Emperors failed to accomplish that), and he took it a step further by overpowering a named Santoryu technique from Zoro headon, and sending Zoro flying back a considerable distance.

He basically did to Zoro what Kong Gun did to Doflamingo, only that he overpowered Ultra Tiger Hunt to do so.

For whatever reason, Oda chose not to grant the Emperors this privilege. It's weird but it is what it is.

Or consider this, Tempura Udon is above Ikkoku Sovereignty:

@Sentinel, @Tyki_Mikk, @Dark Admiral.
Tempura Oden above Ikkoku? :milaugh: One small destruction panel for King and suddenly all of BM’s island level Ikkoku panels are negated, calm the f down
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You're severely overestimating that attack. It's not even near a KKG that folded a city quite literally. It's strong, fast and destructive but too easy to dodge.
You're severely underestimating it.

Onigashima is surrounded by a mountain range:

Tempura Udon leveled some mountains and obliterated the underlying bedrock:

It's definitely comparable to King Kong Gun in AP.

I'd expect from a commander that they can defend themselves against this ability.
Rooftop Zoro is a significantly stronger swordsman and he was sent flying by just one of them.

I follow a clear rule. Neither King, Marco or Katakuri can defeat each other with another YC by their side which is why I can't see King even coming close of beating all three in a 3v1
Your issue is insisting that King is in the same class as them when he has everything Marco has, but also:
  • Zoan form durability superior to Kaido's dragon scales
  • Offensive prowess superior to Rooftop Zoro
  • The lethality of swordsmen
  • The stamina and recovery of an Ancient Zoan

King is of a higher calibre than Marco.
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