Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Big news for
well. I am American from USA. Got usa citzenship from 12/13/12.

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USA is famous for puirtian sexual viewpoint so we don’t have nude beach or public bath as part of our culture.
I am saying Asura is of a higher caliber attack, not that it can overpower it. Zoro isn't countering Assign if Kid gets to touch him. It's gonna end badly for him but Kid will suffer the same fate as he too can't escape the impact by himself.
Assign’s attraction strength can be varied and also depends on the amount of metal surrounding the user. A suicide level AP should easily be above Asura in fact fodder even thought BM would be dead after that.
Base Luffy is still above Zoro.

This is why he is faving hybrid kaido in base. Nothing you guys can di can change that fact.

Oda made it so it was bound to happen since Luffy would be facing Blackbeard without his devil fruit.

Rooftop made it clear how big the gap between them is. 1026 just extended that Gap.

King would be easily destroyrd by Luffy since Luffy had internal drstruction haki and has immense physical strength + speed and agility.
Luffy's hakimen glory vs BlackBeard will be so cool!I think BB got over reliant on his devil fruits post-time skip,he even said something about this to Ace.Ohhh,the irony when he loses because he lacks the haki game.
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