Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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ararararah Reaper-kun, don’t you get it, every swordsman is a hype tool for Mihawk

Have you forgotten that Oda already planned to have Mihawk as the strongest CoO user
That funny cause I think milhawk is CoO number 1 guy in my ranking.

My top tier character durability ranking top tier

1. Akainu as Death - strongest man on feats alone, can can vista and Marco easily. Tank yonko commander level like nothing even Marco and vista sneak attack can’t hurt me. Only sneak atrack whitebeard damage him.

2. Kizaru - tank Marco atrack like nothing. Old silver Rayleigh can cut his cheek beside kizaru want to go causal mode. Best coO of all admirals and can even dodge sneak attack from whitebeard.

3. Kuzan - take jonz sneak attack and got bloody lips. Only damage we see from him. Tanked Marco sneak attack while Kuzan is trying to kill luffy.

4. King- tank zoro attack like nothing. Took Damage from zoro onigirl (sneak attack) and Marco knee attack. Both attack made him bleed. But king is more tank, more fierce enemy to zoro than kadio.

5. Kadio- should be high than big mom but feats sucks. Minimum to cut kadio is sword with haki on it with vertan fighters like kinemon. Kinemon cut kadio twice.

6. Big mom - although she not seen take more hits compare to top tiers like stay safe. Her hormies count as big mom help. she scream at law counter shock damage which vergo don’t scream in pain.
Since big mom vs Marco is offscreen most of time and big mom respect Marco more than his son KatakurI. Big mom postpone the fight or run away from Marco. She believe Marco can kill her but she supposed need right soul for Marco thing:phoenixmarco:.

My top tier character coO ranking:

1. Mihawk: literally perfect of dodge attack without getting damage. Sneak attack is impossible to hurt milhaw. Have no bleed or scar damage on manga panel. Perfect coO guy.

2. Kizaru- can dodge whitebeard sneak attack, but got by cuted silver Rayleigh even he is focus in fight but to be fair, kizaru is in casual mode.

3. Kuzan - can dodge whitebeard attack in straight fight. But got sneak attack by jonz even through he did notice something coming to him but it is too late.

4. Shank: Should be 1 or 2 in my ranking but due lord of coasts and bandits guy make him look bad. Also remain unscratched after fight king and kadio.

4. Katakuri- the future sight guy. But can’t respond on Vinsmoke Ichiji sneak attack him while Katakuri is focus on caser clown. But he is better than his mom when come to coO.

5. Fujitora- would move to 4 but we don’t see his future sight just good coO. We don’t see his all out battle full power.

6. Whitebeard- good coO guy should be top 1 to 3 but we see old whitebeard than prime years. Whitebeard can dodge ace sneak attacks unlike Akainu can’t dodge crocodile sneak attack him.

7. Akainu - literally can not dodge or see the any sneak attack from whitebeard even he got the warning, vista and Marco sneak attack, crocodile sneak attack him. Akainu is angry guy which he get bad coO when compare to admirals peers

Notice: enel would be 2 due his coO but he is pretimeskip villain and not top tier guy.

What you think about my list ranking ?


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I'd argue that Bluebird is in that ballpark. Difference is King tanked the entire attack while Zoro dodged it so we can't see how much DC it really has.
Nah man, you must be pulling my leg.

This is Bluebird:

This is Tempura Udon:

They are not of the same calibre.

Disagree. Marco had enough physical strength to equally clash with Big mom's infused Prometheus punch. He send Queen flying a lot more than Sanji after a PU has done, and again, his knee made King cough up a lil blood. Considering that it was a blunt force attack against someone that tanks explosions it's impressive AF.
Zoro momentarily held back Hakai.
Zoro diced a mountain sized golem.

Zoro's physical strength/AP with his Santoryu techniques outclass Boundman.

King shat all over that.

He didn't seem much weaker either to me
That's your Marco bias speaking lol. Imagine comparing Blue Bird to

A no named Base strike of King did this so I wouldn't underrate a named flame infused punch like that.
King was using hardening and dead serious when he sent Zoro flying.

The punch Marco blocked didn't have hardening and was before King started fighting seriously.

Zoro easily blocked a punch from King using only the sword in his mouth:

King's performance before and after Zoro cracked his mask are drastically different. Marco was never able to damage King's Mask, so he never drew out his ire or made him fight seriously.


I will never forgive Oda
So King's durability is really unique. We know his pteranodon wings are incredibly durable and King credited his race for allowing him to defend against Tatsumaki. So it can't just be absorbing damage like King did this chapter, right? King's uniqueness must be some conscious durability boost and likely the ability to recover from damage with his fire.

Which could explain why Marco hurt King. His phoenix flames carry special properties over regular fire, seemingly dampening them.


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King got his head sliced open from one of Zoro's best finishers and just walked it off :kobeha:
Let me know how anyone else other than Zoro beats King. :crazwhat:
Advanced Conqueror's Haki:finally:

i don't see any reason to hate it anymore:kayneshrug:
Dunno. The exposition this sword got was way too much where all 3 all coated.
Judging by this fight and the katakuri one, having CoC is the bare minimum to have to be able to defeat them.

This shows that sanji is not that level and might never be unless he unlocks CoC.
I don't know what was up with that instance with Oda, but even in this very chapter we get a full frontal view of Zoro trying to stab King and we see his sword couldn't penetrate the suit.

I mean this isnt an actual attack… Zoro doesnt stab people as an attack… he’s not brook… Cuts are Zoro’s attacks

Anyway, what i’m really interested in is the shishi sonson… King gets white eyes indicating he took damage… But whatever is up with the fire coming out if the cut on his body is what’s interesting
Oh shit. I think I figured out King's secret.

King's unique power is absorbing attacks. That why he's hard to damage. He just have to activate that power. That explains why Marco damaged him (made him bleed). Zoro did the same he first attacked him at the beginning of the battle.

Zoro hit King with his death lion song.

That is one of Zoro's strongest attacks.

After King was hit his flames behind his head appeared to increase in size.

His attack in this chapter was much stronger than chapter 1032.

That power came from absorbing Zoro's attack. The flames growing in size behind King's head represents King absorbing attacks.

We saw the same thing after King was hit by dragon twister. He blocked it but because it still hit his body he absorbed it.

Look at the size of the flames.

Look at the following scenes

In all those scenes King used a tremendous amount of power. He used so much power he was able to overpower Zoro. King used that power after he was hit by Zoro.

He even exploded immediately after Zoro hit a certain spot on his body

If all of this is true then there's 2 possible ways for Zoro to defeat King.

1 - hit King with an attack so powerful it's too much power for him to absorb and the attack damage him.

2 - hit King with an attack so powerful it oveloads his absorption power causing King to unintentionally explode and damage himself.

What does everyone else think?
This gives a new meaning to King being called a torture loving pervert.
He's a masochist kingufy
lol people saying Zoro can't do anything against Assign when this dude literally stalled a CoC infused attack that was the size of onigashima , get real , assign ain't doing shit to Zoro
Hakai didn’t have CoC it was just pure strength. It is an Elbalf like attack meaning less reason for Haki and more for pure power

Zoro’s swords get taken away from him and stuck to him and he can’t use them. That is where the nightmare to swordsmen come from, BM who is physically stronger than Zoro still had Napoleon taken away from her
All 3 Swords are coated but only Enma has the power to Scar Kaido. This is oroven by th facr that Whitebeard, Roger and Shanks never scarred him despite having better CoC haki.
Ame No Habikiri scarred Kaido… Dude, why do we keep forgetting that Kaido clearly was scarred by two swords

And in the same vain, how come when Zoro cut Kaido with other attacks but still using Enma, he didnt scar him


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Literally the first Ikkoku we saw had island AoE and went through WCI to the other end of the island

Ikkoku is a giantass sword beam that also easily reaches the ocean from the main hallway and destroyed everything along it’s path including the giant sacred tree at the edge of the island

Explosions at the end of Ikkoku every single time indicating even more destruction

Ikkoku literally has to be zoomed to to see the entire ISLAND just to appreciate its AoE and range, Tempura Udon is not even half of that zoom

Tempura Oden has less AoE and less range and less lethality, Zoro was able to dodge it close range and it only crumbled rocks it didn’t destroy them
Tempura Udon flattened several small mountains and obliterated the underlying bedrock:

At best, you showed greater range for Ikkoku, you didn't show greater destructive capacity.
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