Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Gol D. Roger

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Kid can increase the amount of attraction is what I meant enough to render Zoro’s sword immobile and stuck

And if they’re fighting somewhere with not a lot of metal then it becomes less suicidal for him while still handicapped for Zoro

Corcumstances can make Assign more or less deadlier than Asura. If they fought inside Punk Hazard then the entire facility would crush the assigned target and Kidd himself
You say Kid's gonna use Assign just to stick his own swords to him while risking losing a limb to try and touch Zoro and losing a lot of stamina in the processes?
The closer the object is to the point of attraction the stronger the force. This is literally how a magnetic force works. Law was far enough away so that his own strength would keep his sword intact. If Law was the assigned target then it would be his sword on his head instead
BS bro Law was closer than those who were in the ground and he kept his sword.

The pull of the DF is not enough against a proper enemy.
Assign is his answer yes but in a 1vs 1 no happenings unless vs a brawler or with help.

Plus there must be metal around.

For example kid vs Katakuri in mirror world what kid can do if in such place there's no metal.
And Katakuri awakening could turn metal into mochi.

Kid power needs a proper map.
Daily Reminder Zoro and Luffy have ADV CoC and Sanji doesnt

It's like that meme where you have the 3 headed dragon and you have 2 badass ones' and one dumb lookin motha fucka hahahahaha
There’s actually a version of that meme in which one of the dragons has a straw hat, the other has a scarred eye and a bandanna and the dumb one has heart eyes.
Asura isn't Haoshoku. Zoro released Haoshoku in Dead Man's Game.
The best explanation for Asura imo is that it's the manifestation of Zoro's imposing will, which comes out as haki in One Piece. The only time Enma didn't go crazy when coated with CoA on the rooftop was when Zoro went Asura, which is him going all out and giving it his all. There's no lightning effects on his swords before, during, or after Dead Man's Game so take that as you will.
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