Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Base King is basically Sanji on steroids.
- harder body
- stronger fire
- hits harder

Also wielding a sword for lethality, maybe even having CoC.

And this combined with a flying dinosaur fruit.

I can understand why @Chrono thought King will face Sanji, for all of the similarities they have. He just misinterpreted King's purpose. Not being similar to Sanji but a stronger version with more abilities and a dinosaur fruit on top. And a stronger version of Sanji can only be beaten by Zoro.
:seriously: obviously sanji will be more powerful

Besides, we haven't seen current sanji get damaged anyways
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If milhawk have advanced coc.
I wonder how stronger vista guy :sus:

This vista made mihawk to postpone the fight
Maybe vista is 3rd or 4th strongest swordsmen :finally:

Milhawk> shanks/fujitora > vista
It means Shanks>>>> Mihawk as Shankd has the strongest CoC. This is why Oda has stated that Shanks is rhe unofficial pirate king, and the one with the most freedom on the seas. What Luffy is trying to achieve.
BS bro Law was closer than those who were in the ground and he kept his sword.

The pull of the DF is not enough against a proper enemy.
Assign is his answer yes but in a 1vs 1 no happenings unless vs a brawler or with help.

Plus there must be metal around.

For example kid vs Katakuri in mirror world what kid can do if in such place there's no metal.
And Katakuri awakening could turn metal into mochi.

Kid power needs a proper map.
Law's strength >>>>>> fodder strength

Magnetic force is literally stronger the closer the target to the object.

Kidd always brings metal to his battles just like Zoro brings his swords to his battles.

Assign can incapacitate swordsmen alone by making their swords stuck to them and rendering them powerless.

Assign is a move that is literally a swordsman's worst nightmare and the same would apply to Zoro.
I — and a lot of people here — owe an apology to the Zoro fanbase. They told us that Enma was nerfing Zoro all along, but we immediately dismissed them, laughed at them and even mocked them.

Zoro said that he'll be significantly stronger after mastering Enma:

However, this chapter reveals that not only was he far from actually mastering Enma, he's actively fighting it.

Goddamn, this makes all of Roofpiece seem more impressive.

To atone for my part in this crime, expect a thread titled: "So Enma was Indeed a Nerf All Along" after the Viz drops.

Still think Killer can tango with King ?
He can tango for sure but I doubt he can win on the long run until he shows more
I stand on my opinion: that King would only win after an extreme diff fight. I can see why someone would argue that King high diffs, just Iike I can see someone argue that Killer extreme diffs.
Everything on the lines of "King/Killer low/mid diffs" is BS and not worth debating.
Yamato > Kidd and Law.

Sanji at the end of the Queen fight would be above Killer.
I think after Big Mom fight I would comfortably place Kid and Law over Yamato

As for Killer, he is still relatively fresh, so I’m wondering what he will do to match what Luffy, Zoro, Kid and Law did, if Oda planned to have them come down in the first place he should have let Killer fight Queen, but alas

Maybe Killer will fight Smoothie so we should t right him off just yet for this arc


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
The best explanation for Asura imo is that it's the manifestation of Zoro's imposing will, which comes out as haki in One Piece. The only time Enma didn't go crazy when coated with CoA on the rooftop was when Zoro went Asura, which is him going all out and giving it his all. There's no lightning effects on his swords before, during, or after Dead Man's Game so take that as you will.
There are a few instances where Enma didn't go crazy when Zoro used COA against King, so I don't buy this argument.
It means Shanks>>>> Mihawk as Shankd has the strongest CoC. This is why Oda has stated that Shanks is rhe unofficial pirate king, and the one with the most freedom on the seas. What Luffy is trying to achieve.
How shanks is more free man when he is talking to gorsei like they are his boss. Talking about certain pirate.
Even Akainu argue gorsei like you get fired for arguing the boss at the company.
Milhawk > shanks
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