Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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prove this… Also Whitebeard was the unofficial pirate king, not Shanks
Oda literally states in the Vivre card databook that Shanks ruthlessly competed eith Mihawk and went on to be in the same level with Whitebeard.

It also states if having the most freedom om the seas is the meaning of Pirate King, then Shanks is closest to that thrown.

You can hate, but cannot refute what Oda the author is saying.
Amazing. :steef:

And to me there is zero doubt he's talking about Kuina at the end. :ronalugh:
Why zoro is losing kuina for 2001 times and has not win once against her?:josad:

Even my wrestling year in highschool, i don’t lose many time to same guy like zoro even he has more wrestling experience than me. Something I win or I lose to same guy in wrestling sparing practice.

Guess swordman skill is different than wrestling than I thought.
I just hope we won't switch back to some random shit not Zoro and Sanji related next week.

But I bet after next week we will have a break and Oda will give as cool cliffhanger about stuff no one cares about as Raizou or Orochi

Gol D. Roger

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Again Kidd has shown ways to render opponents immobile like repelling the metal that he grabs them with.
He needs to grab Zoro for that first.

Why would Kidd lose a limb touching Zoro in the process? Killer didn't lose a limb, and Kidd's durability >>> Killer. Kidd literally tanked a Mama raid slash point-blank on him. Don't mistake a fight with the whole ass RHP which caused him to lose his arm somehow to a battle against Zoro, Zoro is not cutting his limb off under any circumstances.
Killer didn't lose a limb because he did not extend his hand towards Zoro in an attempt to touch him, which Kid needs to do to use Assign. Zoro doesn't sever limbs because that's not his style. It doesn't mean he can't.

Also, I doubt the entirety of Red Haired Pirates' ganbanged Kid. He only said he lost against the said crew, it doesn't mean the entire crew worked together to sever his limb. Remember, even Doffy with his half-assed cutting ability can sever limbs.

Gol D. Roger

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And this is him right now i.e. no more holding back:

Zoro isn't going to push him the same way BM pushes him either
What does that even supposed to prove? I said he can't continue to use awakening and he's not using it on this page. I did not say he can't fight after using it for a few seconds.

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