Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Zoro dodged queens laser easily while he struggled dodging kings supposed beam. Its obvious that kings attack is leagues above Queens. The current zoro realisticly at worst mid diffs sanji. Bruh Zoro has complete control over his swords and his conq haki. Something Sanji is lacking.
Zoro isn't a zoan, sanji doesn't need a lot of ap to deal serious damage

King's attack is weaker than queen's

Queen's enhancements were stated to be more powerful than vegapunk's, meaning queen's ap>>pacifistas, and according to drake the pacifistas had the same lasers as kizaru

Sanji gets high diffed, his healing factor and speed make push zoro to a mid diff, diable jambe on top of that and it's clear that it's not an easy fight for zoro
Kouzaburou: "Each sword has its own personality
that the swordsman must learn in order to overcome it!!
A dangerous sword is a “cursed sword”!?
Foolishness!! “Cursed swords” are just “famed swords” that are feared by the weak!!
That's why they call them “cursed”!!
The sword is scary simply because it's performing its “duty” for it was made for!!
That sword I created when I was young, was the “masterpiece of my life”...
It was a sword that was so serious about doing its “duty”!!
I gave that “famed sword” the name of the King of Underworld!!!"

What did I say before?

Also, Lolo fans got stomped once again, literally in this chapter Lolo says his Haki level is no where near close to Oden's Haki level.

Funny, during all of these, Lolo doesn't remember any Mihawk flashback, he even remembers Ipponmatsu but not Mihawk :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

Oden > Mihawk basically confirmed, Lolo says he is still too weak to reach Oden's Haki level, never talk or remember about Mihawk's level.

Even Shanks was mentioned in Wano, Mihawk is still MIA. :endthis:
What are you talking about. Comprehend the manga.

Cursed swords is just the name weak swordsmans give famous swords they're too weak to control. You can never fully master a famous Sword without CoC.

Think. How are you supposed to turn the sword/blade black if you can't even master it? You can't. The sword won't allow it. Mastering a sword with CoC is the first step to creating a blade black. Unfortunately, most people don't go beyond that step. Including top tier swordsman/sword users.

This chapter supports Mihawk has CoC.

He didn't talk about Miawk because he is still too far out of his reach. Oden is the next level to surpass.
His spit attack make me really dislike king :milaugh:
King race maybe the strongest race around.
But till now i dont see he stronger than katakuri.
His attack looks dangerous, but till know no great damage dealt with those attack.
Different with kata which show how good his CoO which can see future, and his CoA which stronger than luffy haki.
Really waiting till zoro v king fight seriously.
Are we going to ignore the page where he slammed the dude into wall and Sanji cried like a bitch thinking he'd get a hole in his stomach?

Or in all honesty, let's just stop with troll attempts at saying every clash = struggle and that every character is actually trying everytime, otherwise we might have an Agenda that Zoro can block all-out King's punches with his jaw muscles.

Just go to bed, Chrono, you need rest. And a break from this forum, again.
Were talking about Base King. He kicked mid air Sanji with full momentum and he couldnt even move him an inch. Whilst he now kicking Zoro like a football all around Onigashma.
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Luffy - Powerup
Law - Powerup
Kidd - Powerup
Zoro - Powerup

4 of the 5 Rooftop fighters have become stronger since the roof.

Oda couldn't possibly give Killer a powerup, could he? :noo:

I find it hilarious that everyone on the rooftop gets the benefit of the doubt because of their participation up there, and people still shit on Killer, when he was up there alongside the others as well.
At least Killer got beautiful page spreads :josad:

The entire rooftop except Killer going to come out of Wano as legitimate top tiers after Wano arc is over
Were talking about Base King you illiterate bitch. He kicked mid air Sanji with full momentum and he couldnt even move him an inch. Whilst he now kicking Zoro like a football all around Onigashma.
Base King's punch was blocked by Zoro's jaw muscles while being off-guard. Zoan King's beak was casually blocked by him, too, and it overpowered Sanji.




You can try circle, trash logic all you want, but even those come to bite you in the ass at this point. Just go to bed.
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