Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Better question, when will Zoro deniers ever learn that his character is inspired to Ryuma, the one who once stood as World's Strongest? There's even a King reference for it now.:goyea:
Ryuma was so important that someone important in the series mentioned him. Ryuma is actually less important than any known top tiers- Rayleigh, garp, yonko, admiral, mihawk etc
That's why I said that since Kouzaburo was a pirate in his prime he used to definitely travel to Wano from the East Blue back and forth to visit his family and whatnot.

That's when in one of his visits he found out what happened to Wano due to Kaido and was asked to keep baby Zoro safe overseas
My theory is Monkey D Dragon brought zoro to Wano as a former Cp0 agent undercover in wano
No black lightning around his beak when he overwhelmed RS Sanji. Same shit that Zoro blocks while on phone.

Even the leg thing could've just been only Sanji using CoA to defend.

I aint speaking about Zoan King, im speaking about Base King. Something that your purposely disregarding on purpose. They had full on haki clash, and King couldnt overpower him.

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