Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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He doesn’t need it he has awakening + there’s a 90% chance he unlocks it anyway

If he lands an awakening attack he one shots anyone in Onigashima not named Big Mom or Kaido

:milaugh: if he lands anything which he can't because he can barely handle people like Hawkins and Vergo 1v1 it wouldn't do anything, his awakening doesn't increase his negative AP moveset, he got an ability to bypass durability, his AP is still dogshit even with no defenses.:milaugh: even Lanji is more durable than BM when her haki is bypassed, plus she doesn't have accelerated healing. :myman:
1. Take a walk outside of your mothers basement. Get some air and touch some grass.
2. Take a shower. You really do stink.
You got destroyed.

No answer for Ladmiral fans using meme and crydo.

Take your L and keep crying. :goyea:

Big Meme and Crydo are creative. Lolo is cringe.

Do you know how cringe it would be if we said Lig Mom?
You say it's cringe, the truth is it made you cry enough to post about it, which hurts your fanboy feelings. :suresure:

Nothing you said in this post make any sense. We are all dumber for reading it.

The manga told us any sword can turn into a black blade. The manga never stated a curse sword equals a black blade or a curse sword is required to create a black blade. You are just making stuff up. Cursed swords is just the name given to swords to dangerous for weak swordsman to use.

Yes, Oden has mastered Enma to a high level than
Zoro but at the same time he's also had the sword for most of his life. Zoro has been using that sword for about 2 weeks and he's not done. Zoro is just starting to master it.

Not only is the manga not over but Wano is not even over. That means Zoro still has time to turn the sword black. The manga has already hinted he will turn Emma black before the end of Wano.

Why would the manga need to talk about Mihawk now? What benefit would that have? The focus of this chapter is about Zoro understanding his connection to Wano and learning what cursed swords are so he can master his swords. It's not focusing on creating a black blade yet.

Surpassing Oden just brings Zoro one step closer to surpassing Mihawk. His ultimate goal.
For weak = cursed
For strong = black blade

They are the same thing, I said this before, I was right. You Lolo fanboys never made that connection.

Literally Lolo says Oden's Haki > his,

While you seriously believe Mihawk's Haki > Oden's Haki > Rooftop Lolo's Haki? :goyea:

Not going to happen,

Oden was mentioned by Kaido and WB, Mihawk wasn't even mentioned.

Haki blooms in extreme battles.

In which battle Mihawk's Haki improved?

Compared to Oden, mihawk has no battles, he postpones against the likes of Vista.

Why talk about Mihawk? If Kaido mentions Shanks, of course Mihawk should've been mentioned as well. Why do you even ask this?

Wano is the home of swordsman, that makes even Larines not to attack them, if Mihawk can't even be mentioned in Wano, where he will be mentioned?

While being a hypetool to Shiryu perhaps. You are not honest while asking these questions.
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