Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Wonder where Oda is going with this now that he has brought Zoro and King back inside Onigashima. Killer is still lurking around in there without an opponent, and Zoro is pretty close to his limits. We might be getting that team up after all. Oda can't leave Killer behind after what he is doing for the rest of those who were on the rooftop.
He's going to help Lanji and show him why he's one of the 5 strongest rookies of the new era.
"Bro, it's retarded to think Zoro can have ACoA. Luffy just mastered it, Zoro doesn't even know what it is."

"Dude, Zoro doesn't know he has CoC. Hell, we don't even know if he has CoC for sure, and you say he can get ACoC? Maybe in 5 arcs."

And now, "Cloud splitting is only reserved for Luffy"
Let's bet
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