Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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You have no taste dude
Zoro and the Admirals are awesome.
The Admirals have more personality than Kaido and Big Meme. The Admirals are competent villains and a real threat.
Kaido couldn’t kill Kinemon twice lmao
Ladmirals have 0 personality which is why Oda is copying their character from Japanese actors, that's lazy writing.

Also it's a fact that they are Celestial Dragon underlings, that's why Garp refused to become a Ladmiral.

If even Garp is better than them, then there is no way they can be awesome.

Kaido soloing 9 Scabbards and not getting any significant damage is better than anything Ladmirals did, Lakainu was being stalled by Crocodile and Ivankov.
Is that you? If I post my picture, between you and me, I am pretty sure you are fatter than me :suresure:

It looks like I destroyed you so bad, you still want to live in your little fantasy world by posting these childish things. :goyea:
I'm sure Zoro was talking about both Luffy and Kuina at the end. Earlier in the chapter, Zoro remembered his oath to Kuina that he would become the World Strongest Swordsman. And he has only ever referred to Kuina as his "dear friend."

And that smile. That garsh darn smile.
I cant see it :catcry:
Kouzaburou: "Each sword has its own personality
that the swordsman must learn in order to overcome it!!
A dangerous sword is a “cursed sword”!?
Foolishness!! “Cursed swords” are just “famed swords” that are feared by the weak!!
That's why they call them “cursed”!!
The sword is scary simply because it's performing its “duty” for it was made for!!
That sword I created when I was young, was the “masterpiece of my life”...
It was a sword that was so serious about doing its “duty”!!
I gave that “famed sword” the name of the King of Underworld!!!"

What did I say before?

Also, Lolo fans got stomped once again, literally in this chapter Lolo says his Haki level is no where near close to Oden's Haki level.

Funny, during all of these, Lolo doesn't remember any Mihawk flashback, he even remembers Ipponmatsu but not Mihawk :gokulaugh::gokulaugh::gokulaugh:

Oden > Mihawk basically confirmed, Lolo says he is still too weak to reach Oden's Haki level, never talk or remember about Mihawk's level.

Even Shanks was mentioned in Wano, Mihawk is still MIA. :endthis:
1. Zoro never said anything about his Haki not being close to Oden. Zoro was regulating Enma instead of just giving ut what he it want. If he did the samething like he did with Sandai it would be different.
2. You taight Zoro didn't have CoC yet not only have CoC, but ACoC.
3. Zoro just did what Oden doing now and still hasn't have a Black blade
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