Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Oda entered a difficult terrain for Sanji, he destroyed his "weapon" which was his Raid Suit and now he will have to have a new power up for him to be able to beat Queen.
I was thinking the same things but other possibilities like maybe once sanji excepts himself being a vinsmoke & proud to be judge son or something the raid suit might take shape again because it's memory armour after all & I doubt judge will make something so strong that will be easy to destroy

Lolo fans didn't even know cursed swords and black blade relationship, too bad, but I knew it. They can't understand this basic things due to wanking Lolo too much, they can't understand this basic story.

You should ask me more about what will happen next, I know these things.

Lolo won't fight Lihawk again, so that answers your question. Lihawk is going to get killed by Shiryu.

That must be the people who still believes Lolo and Lihawk is going to fight again after Lolo begging Lihawk for training, too bad, they are too innocent and naive, but it's not going to happen. Lolo will get the title from another person, such as Shiryu.

If Luffy begged Shanks or Blackbeard for training, if they accepted, everyone other than Lolo fans could understand that fight wouldn't happen due to Luffy begging to them for training.

Lolo isn't going to fight Lihawk. Trust me, I know this as I knew cursed swords and black blade relationship.

I pity you :suresure::suresure::suresure: I knew there was a connection between cursed swords and black blades, and you Lolo fans never said that, so I owned you all even about the matters that includes Lolo, I know Lolo better than you.

This chapter left damages,

-Oden mastered Enma far better than Rooftop Lolo. His level is far better than Lolo's.
-Enma didn't turn permanently black.

This alone would debunk and destroy you, but if you want more?

WB's meitou, Shanks's sword, Roger's sword, none of them are black, all of them are CoC users.

Ridiculous logic once again.

If you seriously believe this, I don't want to know how you try to read other English materials, I hope you don't get into trouble too much.

If Mihawk is even above Oden, then Mihawk is minimum Yonko level.
If that's true, then Lolo will be above even Yonko level? Luffy's underling? :suresure:

Luffy literally tells Lolo in this chapter again, being greatest swordsman is nothing compared to his goal, Luffy's goal is Roger's level. If Luffy's underling can't become the greatest swordsman then that will only look Luffy bad. That's nothing in front of top tiers.

Lolo will never surpass Yonko by surpassing mihawk, if mihawk YC1 level, maybe by surpassing him, Lolo can become close to Yonko level and be Luffy's underling at the same time.

I think it's obvious Shiryu > mihawk will be.

If Mihawk has the same level of Oden, he would be in flashbacks, and instead of Oden hype, Lolo would try to remember how Mihawk mastered his black blade and his Haki level, that didn't happen, mihawk is still mia in Wano.

Lolo and Lihawk won't fight again, trust me, I know this as I knew cursed swords and black blade relationship, Lolo will fight with mihawk's superior Shiryu, not mihawk.
This chapter literally said noting about black blades
Hmmm why i got a feeling Oda make King become ZKK tool?
Zoro back then talking dragon n dino kinda similiar about the toughness of their skin.
End of this fight im sure King will got sliced by zoro. N later maybe he use this power to execute Kaido. Like back then i said Kaido cannot defeated before he got killed, if he still alive his regeneration will kicking again n again.
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