Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I have no issues with Zoro defeating King in a 1 v 1. I take issue with it happening in such a short time limit, given the portrayal of Yonko Commanders.

At least with Kaido it would make sense given the amount of damage he's been accumulating this entire time. It wouldn't make sense with King who is fresh, unless Oda decides to make an Ancient Zoan a glass canon.
I mean look at the kind of powerups that he's giving the Strawhats - everything is related to AP buffs. Else there's no way they can beat these Endurance monsters.

Kaido / King / Queen going down to their opponents while being plot restricted to fall in a single night doesn't make them glass cannons tbh.

Oda has already proved that Jack can last 5 days against equals and Kaido/King/Queen can do more than that lol. It's just that they are plot restricted rn.
King explosion shoulp put Killer down? The same Killer who took Fulgora handily?

His role isn't finished, he has gas in the tank and there are outside forces approaching the battle...
BM Lightning attacks aren't portrayed to be anything special though,all the rooftop guys tanked Indra on the rooftop without guarding with haki and took zero damage,Fulgora isn't a whole lot above Indra.

Zoro actually needed to guard with Armament to survive King's explosion,so mo reason to think someone less durable like killer can so the same since he got no real haki feats.

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It's actually dumb at this point to even think katakuri is equal to king.
Indeed, even Pageone could overpower Raidsuit Sanji while King could not, itโ€™s actually quite retarded to think King poses a threat to Katakuri when itโ€™s debatable if he can even defeat Pageone in a 1v1 lol.

But I guess if youโ€™re dumb enough to think Zoro is a good character, you would also be dumb enough to think King can defeat Cracker lol.


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Who brought up Katakuri lol? King canโ€™t even KO Zolo in 50+ hits while Kamazou defeated Zolo the 3 sword overcompensator in one blow

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Guys itโ€™s over at this point, can King defeat Cracker?
Lee chill out. You coping like some fucking picture readers.

You literally have on panel proof that Zoro fainted due to stomach problems or food poisoning or whatever.

**** pulled off the scythe Kamazo stabbed into him and clocked his ass.

Don't be like that.

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Your level of quality of posts has dropped so fucking drastically that I am not even interested in exchanging trolls with you anymore.
The truth is that King is so pathetically underwhelming with nonexistent feats, and Oda still needs to give Zoro every flashback in existence to defeat him lol.

Let it sink in that Oda has to give Zoro like 30 ass pull Powerups to defeat an opponent who is barely above Whoโ€™s Who level.
Just look at chapter when he first get Enma and most of this chapter .
The smoke type stuff is Haki drain even with his other swords since he not holding back haki wise and the lightning is ACoC .
You are completely ignoring the aura that was surrounding Enma on the roof causing Kaido to notice, that was totally different depiction than when itโ€™s sucking Zoroโ€™s haki

Also ignoring that only Enma has that aura while the other 2 swords didnโ€™t, ignoring that that huge aura around Enma is gone and all 3 swords now are being shown as equal.

But at this point think what you wish itโ€™s as impossible to try and show you as it was trying to tell the Enma has Odenโ€™s haki people, even though Hitetsu made it pretty clear there was no other haki but the users.
This chapter has a whole flashback about what swords are meant to do and not to fear the and hold them back, and about how swords choose their owners, the chapter then goes on to highlight that Enma wanted Zoro as itโ€™s master but since Zoro kept fearing it, Enma was acting out against him, and then chapter highlighted Zoroโ€™s realisation that he should listen to the will of the swords which he did and now Wado and Sandai both have similar levels of showing as Enma unlike before where Enma was dwarfing them, but alas believe what you wish.
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